Application of new generation pcabs in automobile

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Application of new generation PC/ABS in automobile

PC/ABS improves fluidity, processing performance and reduces the sensitivity of products to stress. It is widely used in high-strength and high heat-resistant parts such as automobile interior, exterior decoration and lamps. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the introduction of environmental protection and recyclable regulations such as ELV in the automotive industry, raw material manufacturers also continue to provide new solutions

in recent years, Jinhu Rili has successively developed a series of new PC/ABS alloy materials

hydrolytic stability series

hydrolytic stability series PC/ABS (hac8250r) is mainly used in automotive interior products such as automotive instrument panel framework

as the supporting structure of the whole instrument panel, the automobile instrument panel framework should not only have good mechanical properties and processing properties, but also have excellent hydrolysis resistance and thermal aging properties. In the PCT (pressure cook test), the PC phase in the PC/ABS still maintained more than 90% molecular weight and did not undergo serious hydrolysis after 1000 hours in the high temperature and humidity environment at 95% RH and 100 ℃; The impact property of the alloy is only reduced by 15%, which is more than 30% higher than that of general PC/ABS

in addition, in order to meet the requirements of thin-walled instrument panel, this series of materials reduce the viscosity of materials under high shear, and overcome the disadvantage of material heat due to its light self weight caused by unilaterally increasing the temperature to improve the fluidity of materials in the past

the material can also be recycled. When 25% recycled material was added to cause catastrophic damage to the material, the multiaxial impact property of the material decreased by only 11%, and it was ductile fracture

this series of materials have also been evaluated by the public laboratory. After hydrolysis at 80% RH and 90 ℃ for 600H, the notch impact strength only decreases, and all indexes are 8.5% better than the design requirements. At present, the material has been applied to Volkswagen Lingyu, Chrysler 300C, GM Buick and other models

chemical solvent resistant series

PC/ABS has excellent comprehensive performance, but poor chemical resistance, and is vulnerable to strong chemical solvent erosion, resulting in product cracking and other defects. Especially when PC/ABS products are sprayed with some body exterior paint, due to the strong corrosivity of its solvent, it is easy to cause stress marks, cracks and even cracking of the products. In view of this situation, Jinhu Rili has developed a new generation of chemical solvent resistant PC/abshac8265p. This material has undergone ultra-low stress corrosion of simulated chemical solvent, and its crack generation time is three times higher than that of ordinary PC/ABS

the new generation of chemical solvent resistant PC/ABS has changed the misunderstanding that traditional alloy materials often sacrifice one performance for the improvement of another performance, achieved excellent chemical resistance and maintained the balance between impact strength and fluidity. At present, the material has been applied to GM's rear license plate, Volkswagen Langyi's tailgate trim strip and other parts

in addition, Jinhu Rili cooperated with Yanfeng Visteon to successfully develop a new generation of PC/ABS ultra-low gloss materials hac8250z and hac8260z. The material not only meets the low gloss requirements of parts below the waist line of automobile interior, but also balances the fluidity and heat resistance. (end)

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