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As an emerging technology, laser technology has been widely used in many manufacturing fields, such as metal cutting, welding, product marking, handicraft carving, circuit board punching, semiconductor cutting and so on. With the continuous extension of the service life of industrial lasers and the gradual reduction of the cost, laser technology will enter more processing fields and become an important processing means. The application of laser technology in the processing of flexible packaging bags also has broad prospects

in order to facilitate customers to open the package, flexible packaging bags generally adopt two methods to make easy to tear mouth. One is to punch the easy tear opening on one or both sides of the packaging bag, and the customer will tear and open the package along the punched gap; The other is to cut the toothed edge with a toothed knife on one or both sides of the packaging bag, and the customer can tear and open the packaging by the toothed edge. These two kinds of easy tear openings are formed by mechanical stamping or cutting, which has two shortcomings: first, it is necessary to often repair and replace film tools and cutting tools; Secondly, we can't control the direction of the tear line after customers tear it. We often can't tear it along the tear line of product design. Many people have unpleasant experience of tearing the whole bag and leaking the package when tearing the flexible package. The packaging form of flexible packaging bag with zipper has higher requirements for the tear direction of easy tear mouth. Once the tear direction is not controlled, it is easy to tear the zipper and destroy the function of zipper bag. Developed countries in Europe and the United States began to use laser technology to cut the easy tear line in recent two years, which provides a new method for the processing of the easy tear mouth of flexible packaging bags. 5. Set the low-temperature temperature: see the operation manual of TCC intelligent temperature controller. The formula is to use the laser beam to evenly cut a thin line with a depth of only several microns at the designed easy tear line. This line destroys the outer packaging of the composite film and retains the inner packaging, which not only does not destroy the packaging function, but also makes it possible to tear along the easy tear line regularly during tearing. Because this processing method greatly facilitates the use of customers, it was soon widely used in flexible packaging bags in European and American developed countries

Zhongshan XINHONGYE Automation Industry Co., Ltd. took the lead in successfully developing the laser easy to tear wire cutting system in China and has been applied in several large flexible packaging manufacturers. The system they developed is installed on the slitter or rewinder. Using the slitter or rewinder for unwinding, deviation correction and tension control, we can also select the most suitable experimental machine according to the following points: 1 Maximum torque: the maximum torque system of the tested parts. Roll up and other functions to achieve the purpose of multi-purpose of one machine before bag making, but the parameters used are improper, and the easy tear line is made on the roll film

source: Huicong laser optoelectronics industry

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