Application of luminous plastic masterbatch for PP

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Application of luminous plastic masterbatch for PP film

PP (polypropylene) professional masterbatch is a kind of plastic matrix with luminous function. It is a patented product newly developed by our company. It is deeply processed by using the high-tech luminous material developed by our company. It can be directly mixed with other similar plastics to make various luminous plastic products. The development of this product opens up a new way for the wide application of baonuojie brand luminous pigment in PP plastics

masterbatch composition: it is composed of high concentration noctilucent pigment, PP resin and a variety of additives. It is processed by the particle of Chongqing Zhongxian Shenan Chemical Construction General Factory, which participated in the drafting of this standard

performance characteristics: the content and concentration of luminous pigment can reach 50 ~ 70%; The outstanding advantage is that the luminous pigment is very evenly dispersed in the product and easy to use; It contains a variety of additives, which are conducive to improving the aging properties of products and enhancing toughness

scope of application: it can be mixed with various brands of PP resin or other resins with good compatibility with PP resin. It can be made by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other molding processes. If you buy it, it must be a luminous plastic product of ball screw

usage: directly mix the masterbatch with PP resin to the required content, which can be used

when mixing, the following formula can be used:

(PP masterbatch): (PP resin) = 1: (M/n-1)

m is the percentage content of luminous pigment of masterbatch

n is the percentage content of luminous pigment required

for example, the luminous pigment content of masterbatch is 70%, and the required content is 10%, which can be calculated as follows:

(PP masterbatch): (PP resin) = 1: (0.7/0.)= 1: 6. Prolong the service life of flame retardant PP material in despicable environment for a long time


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