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95511 customer service won two awards in China's banking industry. On November 21, the final award of the fourth China banking customer service center looking for a good voice comprehensive business skills competition was held in Beijing. Ping An financial service bank and credit card customer service center won the honorary title of the best smart team. Tongyuejuan and Wang Hong, the silver card customer service of financial service Xi'an Branch, won the personal award of smart star respectively

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China banking customer service center looking for a good voice business skills competition is a large-scale professional evaluation activity of the national banking customer service center organized by China Banking Association (2) high end polyolefin conference. It is one of the important brand activities of China's banking customer service line, representing the cooperation between the two sides and further extending the highest standard in the banking industry

heavy medals and certificates of honor

the customer service center team of gold service and silver card demonstrated Ping'an's scientific and technological development strength and precision service ability from multiple perspectives through style display, scenario simulation and professional testing. The customer service representative of Jinfu silver card performs flexibly on site, understands the potential demand of customers' calls in real time with the help of customer portraits, and anticipates the needs of customers in advance; With the help of intelligent agent assistant, we can quickly lock the knowledge answers of difficult and remote businesses, quickly handle difficult parts and solve customer complaints. In the end, the customer service team of financial services and silver card stood out from the representative teams of 67 bank customer service centers and won awards with its innovative scientific and technological service ability and solid professional service ability

behind the achievements, financial services can not do without adhering to the business policy of satisfactory service 1, experimental machine concept service, value creation, scientific and technological empowerment and digital operation. In the future, with competition as the starting point, customer satisfaction as the initial goal, service improvement as the mission, financial services will strive to improve customers' sense of gain in financial services and create a good voice in the hearts of customers

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