Farewell to reality of the hottest quantum physics

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The "farewell to reality" of quantum physics is a headache. Can you understand it: all independent quantum events are inherently random (that is, unpredictable). Bell inequality, which is considered as "the most profound discovery in science", was falsified in experiments. The experimental results presented by researchers at the University of Vienna violated the strong form of Leggett inequality of Bell inequality. This means that we should not only give up what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance", but also abandon the concepts that the external world exists independently of observation because the quality of the sensor determines the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine

most people have a clear concept of "reality", but in the quantum world, events can only be predicted according to probability, and our general understanding is not tenable. According to Bell's infinitive, any theory based on the joint assumption of reality and localization (that is, local events are not affected by the activities of separated regions like space) is inconsistent with quantum prediction. Introduction to physicsweb: "the research excludes all implicit variable theories based on the joint hypothesis of" reality "and" localization "in Bell inequality. Here," reality "refers to the coherent introduction of the value of fatigue testing machine independent of observation in the real world; "Localization" means that an independent event cannot affect another event that occurs at the same time. The counterexample of Bell inequality does not clearly tell us what kind of conjecture it is: realism, locality, or both experimental data can be stored in ASCII mode, which is contrary to quantum mechanics. " Abstract of nature: this implies that if the quantum theory is to be consistent with the experimental results, it must give up the realistic localization description. Giving up the concept of locality is not very "untrue, our family is not solid"

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