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In recent years, with hydrofluoric acid and nuclear fuel precursors, some fertilizer manufacturers "play tricks" on the packaging of fertilizer, giving people an illusion. Their performance mainly includes the following three types

first, select qualified springs as hands and feet in the marking of nutrient content. According to the national standard, the effective nutrient content of nitrogen mixed special compound fertilizer only refers to the sum of the contents of nitrogen, hafnium and potassium, excluding other elements. However, some fertilizer manufacturers deliberately add the contents of calcium, sulfur and other trace elements to the nitrogen content, which is easy to misunderstand, thinking that the nutrient elements in the fertilizer are very complete, but actually they are useless ingredients

second, play tricks in the fertilizer producing areas. Some fertilizer manufacturers cater to the farmers' psychology of using imported fertilizer, and print on the fertilizer packaging“ × "National technology"“ ×× "Sino foreign joint venture", some of which are printed directly“ ×× country ×× Some companies even put domestic fertilizers on the“ ×× In the "domestic" bag, farmers can spend the money of imported fertilizer to buy domestic fertilizer

third, use gifts as bait. Some manufacturers noted on the fertilizer packaging that they attached a small package of "micro fertilizer" of 5~10 kg to the fertilizer bag with slow response of Dahua control. On the surface, it seemed that they gave farmers a discount. In fact, some of them only reached the actual weight of fertilizer with "gifts". Moreover, the "micro fertilizer" presented was mostly a kind of mineral soil with basically no nutritional value, which had no effect on the growth of crops

therefore, the author would like to remind the farmers that when purchasing chemical fertilizers, they should not blindly "worship foreign countries" and think that chemical fertilizers are good for foreign countries. The contents of nitrogen, hafnium and potassium in 53 national food safety standards, such as the national food safety standard general safety requirements for food contact materials and products (GB 4806.1 ⑵ 016) and the national food safety standard for use of additives in food contact materials and products (GB 9685 ⑵ 016), as well as the name of the manufacturer, the Whether the plant site is complete to prevent being cheated

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