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The fashion evolution of beer tins packaging II

new cans abroad

at present, various new types of packaging have been developed abroad. If they can be used in the domestic market, they will improve the appearance of tins of beer, promote sales, protect the environment and consumer safety. The packaging forms with innovative significance mainly include:

◆ can surface embossing: a kind of special-shaped cans. An embossing machine is added to the forming process section of the cans, and the surfaces of the cans become uneven and personalized by installing different molds. The embossing visual effect can also be printed by using special ink, but there is no convex and concave feeling when holding the can

◆ temperature change effect: the beer pattern or logo is printed with the temperature sensitive ink caused by low temperature. It starts to display within a certain temperature range, which can not only remind consumers of the best drinking condition, but also play an anti-counterfeiting role

◆ film printing: PE film flexographic printing is adopted and then attached to the white ear. In this regard, there is a clear distinction between the fixture and the host. The effect is the same as that of gold, but flexographic printing is bright, flexible and environmentally friendly

◆ sot environmental protection cover: sot refers to that the pull ring on the hearing cover will be hidden and attached to the cover after the cover is opened, so as to facilitate the recovery of the cover and the tank body, and protect consumers from accidental stabbing by the pull ring

◆ dust prevention on the cover: due to the constant complaints from consumers about the hygiene of the cover of tinned wine, a dust-proof composite film on the cover is sealed on the tank cover after filling and capping to prevent dust pollution

◆ aluminum bottle and can: the aluminum bottle and can invented in Japan is to adapt the metal container to the glass bottle filling line. The lower part of the bottle is shaped like a tin, and the upper part has a bottleneck. For surface printing, a pre printed film sleeve is attached to the surface of the bottle

◆ paper can: the can body is made of paper and aluminum foil, and the can cover is made of plastic with pull ring. Due to pressure resistance, it is not applied to beer packaging at present

◆ combined packaging: various types of tins combined packaging include hicone plastic tape, shrink film wrapping, die-cutting cardboard wrapping and die-cutting cardboard connector. If the order quantity is large, machine packaging can be used. If the order quantity is small, manual packaging is more economical

◆ handhole boxes: handhole boxes with 12, 18 and 24 cans are opened on the side of the carton, which is convenient for consumers to pick up when buying the whole box. In order to enhance the strength of the hand hole, a kind of hot-soluble PVC fabric with a surface layer is used to glue

on the corrugated board line of the carton factory in advance

selection of can lid

according to the news of a technical meeting at the packaging exhibition/food processing machinery exhibition, the easy pull lid is at the forefront of this trend. Canning is a practical container for food, and with an easy to pull lid, there is no need to use a can opener. Cost can be a problem, but supporters of the easy pull lid cite research findings that consumers are willing to pay an extra 6 to 8 cents per package

"60% to 65% of European canned foods use easy pull lids. In the German market, this figure is 80%," said whether the size change of Jef, the marketing manager of silganclosures in the United States, is within the tolerance range. "In the Asian market, the penetration rate of easy pull lids is about 60%."

however, in the American market, the share of easy pull lids only accounts for 35% of cans. Deliberty predicts that this figure will reach 60% in 2008. He predicted that the key areas of transformation will be pet food, soup/chili/pasta, which can improve the dimensional stability, creep resistance, gas barrier, insulation and anti warpage of plastics, as well as fruits and vegetables

while most of the discussion is still focused on the rigid metal pull-out covers, a new generation of more advanced pull-out covers, including peelable foil, has been introduced, some of which can be processed in ultra-high pressure vessels. They can be made into irregular shapes, and the pattern on them can be comparable to the can body label

new technologies under discussion include:

◆ the "spike" can is vacuum packed before opening and can be resealed

◆ square cans with excellent packaging and good shelf publicity effect

◆ white heated cans can realize small-scale exothermic reaction

◆ spiral top cans

◆ can be used for heating steel bowls in microwave oven at the same time

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