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The current situation and development trend of China's paper products packaging industry (II)

the packaging industry is highly related to foreign trade. The development level of China's foreign trade directly affects the market space of the packaging industry. The products in the packaging industry often only make 2/3 of the vision of the lens appear directly to the consumers, which is closely related to the living standards of urban and rural residents. With the deepening of China's urbanization and the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, the demand for packaging products, especially paper packaging materials with green environmental protection characteristics, is becoming stronger and stronger. The living conditions and service scope of the packaging industry determine that its development is inseparable from the development of all walks of life of the national economy, from the equipment, technology and raw materials provided by manufacturing, agriculture and mining industries, and more related to the market demand generated by its development. In the last five years of the last century, paper product packaging has basically maintained a double-digit development rate. It is far higher than the overall development level of China's national economy

according to the prediction made by China's "Tenth Five Year Plan" for packaging industry, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" and even to 2015, the development speed of paper product packaging will gradually slow down, reaching a level close to the development speed of the national economy. (Table 3)

Table 3 output and development forecast of paper packaging materials in China

annual output (10000 tons) 83534965 Growth rate%30.6015 3986 since the 1920s, the paper product packaging industry has experienced a major stage of development with the establishment of China's market economic system and the overall development of the national economy, as well as the revitalization of the entire packaging industry, starting from resisting rough handling and eliminating extensive packaging. The socialist market economy and reform and opening up have provided conditions for the vigorous development of this traditional and emerging paper industry, and also injected new vitality. On the basis of the overall policy of China's reform and opening up, the paper products industry has gradually embarked on a stable, healthy and coordinated development path by adhering to the policy of "everyone in the packaging industry and everyone in the packaging work"

The work report of the paper products packaging Committee in 2001 revealed that by the end of 1998 at the end of the last century, China had introduced and made 1046 carton production lines and 7000 single-sided machines, which had formed a production capacity of 20billion square meters, and the actual production of corrugated boxes in the next year was about 11.5 billion square meters. Compared with the output of 6.3 billion square meters in 1995 four years ago, the annual growth rate exceeded 20%. Corrugated box is an important aspect of the whole paper products packaging products

the report states: "During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, China's economic development moved towards internationalization, and the number of international trade increased, which promoted the paper packaging industry to improve the quality and level of products. The foreign exchanges and cooperation in paper packaging related industries increased day by day, the number of joint ventures increased, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, and the absorption of advanced management experience, thereby improving the product quality and significantly improving the matching rate of packaging for export commodities and domestic demand commodities." In addition to the development of carton equipment, the technical equipment of paper barrels, paper bags, paper tubes and pulp molded products have also made considerable progress, some of which have been upgraded, or the introduction of foreign equipment and technology, and some have filled the gap from scratch. The overall paper product packaging industry in China has begun to take shape, which can meet the needs of national economic development

(II) problems to be solved

from the development level of the whole industry, from the industrial structure, product structure, especially the enterprise structure, there are still obvious gaps and deficiencies in the paper packaging industry, and there are still some deep-seated problems that need to be seriously solved. The specific performance is:

1. The overall modernization management level is not high, and the economic benefit level is not ideal

because small and medium-sized enterprises are still the majority, and the number of large backbone enterprises and the space to play a role are limited, which affects the improvement of the overall level of the whole industry. Even in large and medium-sized enterprises, because the traditional ideology of "emphasizing hardware and ignoring software" still occupies a certain market, the management level can not keep up with the process of equipment technological transformation. Compared with developed countries, it is basically still in the state of extensive management. Another problem that cannot be ignored is that most enterprises have poor information, especially the lack of operating experience and market information in the international market. In order to obtain market share, they can only take the means of vicious competition. The internal and external defects of enterprises lead to low profitability. A large number of enterprises operate at low profits and have large losses

2. the product grade needs to be improved

due to insufficient capital investment, the ability of new product development and scientific and technological promotion is not strong, and scientific and technological achievements cannot be applied to production soon. Medium and low-grade products can still meet the needs of various industries, but the product renewal speed is slow, and there is still a shortage of high-grade and high-performance packaging products

3. basic raw materials and mechanical equipment lag behind

the development of national economy and international economy and trade requires a variety of new paper packaging products, but the supply capacity of some domestic packaging raw materials is insufficient, and the variety, quantity and quality can not meet the demand, which restricts the development of paper packaging products industry. For example, millions of tons of paper and paperboard are imported every year. It can be seen from the figures in Table 3 that there is a big gap between supply and demand. In 2000, the import volume was 5.2 million tons, but in 2001, the import volume decreased, and there are still 4.83 million tons

in terms of mechanical equipment manufacturing, compared with similar foreign equipment, domestic equipment has a large gap in terms of specification, performance, efficiency, degree of automation, industry insiders pointed out: in recent years, there has been a big gap in waste plastic treatment, recycling adaptability, scientific and technological content, and there is also a gap with similar equipment in Taiwan. In terms of corrugated equipment, the varieties and quantities of processing equipment and its corresponding subsequent equipment are small, and the technical level cannot be matched with the main machine, and the main and auxiliary processing capacity is unbalanced

4. The speed of technological progress is slow

whether from the whole industry or from the perspective of individual enterprises, the pace of technological progress in the paper product packaging industry needs to be increased. In terms of scientific research, technology, information, engineering, education, standards and other aspects, it has not become an authoritative center dedicated to serving the industry by further strengthening the resource and environmental protection of the rare earth industry, nor has it formed a joint force in technological innovation and product development to drive the development and progress of the whole industry with these centers as the backbone and guidance. The independent development of enterprises is not enough. In most cases, they simply introduce and purchase equipment. Small factories are more imitation and application. For example, a company that manufactures molding equipment blindly selects foreign prototypes for imitation. In fact, this prototype is used by others for pilot test, and customers do not do process design when installing it. Therefore, after these imitation machines are put into production, there are many problems, such as unstable production, serious energy waste and so on. Even if the units using this kind of equipment seize the first opportunity in the market and make profits because of the small scale and resourcefulness of the factory, once they have other competitors, they will lose their advantages. (to be continued)

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