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Exploration on the current situation and development trend of floor coatings in China

floor coatings were first invented by Germany in 1934, mainly made of oil, tree material, color, solvent, etc. Modern industry has put forward more and more strict requirements for the floor, such as food, medicine and other industries require that the floor should be dust-free, free of harmful volatiles, and clean and dust-free; The machinery industry requires strong mechanical impact resistance, wear resistance, long-term withstand the rolling of forklifts and other vehicles, and it is easy to repair even if it is partially damaged; The floor of machine tools, instruments and meters and other industrial workshops is often eroded and leaked by various oils, which is difficult to completely remove. The floor is required to have good oil resistance, while the chemical industry requires that the floor can withstand the corrosion of various chemical media. In addition, modern civilized workshop and family floors should be flat, bright and colorful to create a good working and living environment for people. Therefore, with the rapid development of coating technology, the existence of floor coatings has its necessity and inevitability. Different application requirements lead to the diversity of floor coatings

classification of floor coatings

according to the main film-forming substances of floor coatings that can be used in small household appliances such as washing machine covers, vacuum cleaner casings, coffee utensils, hair styling machines, massage machines, microwave ovens and so on: epoxy resin floor coatings (70%), polyurethane floor coatings (25%, please before operation), acrylate floor coatings (5% and below), unsaturated polyester resin coatings Acrylic floor coating, crystal floor coating, polyurea elastomer floor coating, concrete sealing curing agent, etc

from the perspective of function, specialized floor coatings have derived from a variety of functional categories. Industrial floor coatings are mainly used in factories in food, pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries, and traditionally require corrosion prevention, cleanliness, wear resistance, etc

commercial floor is mainly used in shopping malls, hotels and other places with strong decoration, with beautiful, environmental protection and other properties

household floor is the main development direction of floor coatings in recent years. Compared with floors and tiles, floor coatings are more economical, applicable and colorful

the development history of floor coating in China

China's floor coating industry began in the early 1990s. Foreign floor coating technology entered China. With the rapid development of China's economy and the rapid growth of pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries, the market demand of the floor coating industry has been driven, and China has gradually become the world production base of floor coating

looking at the current situation of the development of floor coatings in China, the quality of products is still uneven. There are few standards related to floor coatings in China, and they were formulated earlier, which is not suitable for the rapid development of the floor coating industry. The world consumption of the current standards before 1968 was less than 1000 tons, mainly including: General specification for anti-static floor coatings sj/t, floor coatings hg/t, floor coating materials gb/t

disorderly competition in the industry, and price war has become the main means to occupy the market.

the entry threshold of the floor coating industry is low, and many coating enterprises have entered the floor coating market, resulting in fierce competition in the industry and difficult to distinguish between high and low product quality. Price war has become the most important factor to compete for the market. After the financial crisis, the continuous changes in the international coating raw material market and the continuous increase in transportation costs have caused the floor coating enterprises to face huge survival pressure, which directly led to the disorder of industry competition

future development trend of floor coatings: water-based

floor coatings are seamless as a whole and do not gather dust and bacteria; The surface is smooth and bright, with various colors, which can beautify the working and living environment; The ground is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which conforms to the environmental protection concept of modern people. The future development is full of infinite business opportunities. With the continuous development of industry and people's lives, the requirements for the ground environment are rising, and the requirements for environmental protection are higher. The future development trend of floor coatings will also be based on hydration. How to realize hydration as soon as possible has become a problem that needs to be actively explored by floor coating enterprises

1. Improve the hydration degree of raw materials

the hydration of floor coatings should start from the essence, including the hydration of raw materials of floor coatings, epoxy resin and polyurethane, and the improvement of water emulsification degree. Only by truly realizing the hydration of raw materials, can we realize the hydration of finished products with good materials for floor coating, meet the national standard of carbon emission, and become a more environmentally friendly product

2. Improve various properties of floor coating film

with the development of industry, the requirements for floor coating are becoming higher and higher, such as having strong mechanical and chemical properties, not gathering dust, bacteria, etc. the requirements for floor coating can be described as harsh. Customers have different requirements for the performance of floor coatings applied in different environments, which require manufacturers to produce on demand. At the same time, they also put forward higher requirements for the product performance of floor coatings

3. Orderly market competition

the future market share of floor coating is very huge. With its smooth and smooth surface and various colors, it can beautify the working and living environment. The ground is non-toxic and environmental friendly. It is gradually changing from industrial direction to household and commercial fields (shopping malls, parking lots) and so on. The huge market has attracted the development vision of floor coatings, which has also caused fierce competition and disorderly competition in the floor coatings market. In order to further develop the floor coating industry, the market must establish corresponding rules, orderly competition, and distinguish between high-end products and low-end products. Not all flooring enterprises can compete on the same level, otherwise it will bring huge "internal injury" to the development of the flooring coating market

4. Strengthen the promotion and guide the application of

floor coatings in the commercial field and household industry. The excellent performance of floor coatings has won the favor of many industries. Now parking lots, shopping malls and other places that have the closest contact with consumers have begun to choose to use floor coatings. Floor coatings can adopt multi-color, smooth surface, decorative effect and convenient cleaning work, which directly promote the development of the industry

floor coatings have been considered as industrial coatings in the past. In recent years, some coating experts in China suggest that the floor coating industry be included in the scope of architectural coatings. Its excellent performance can add color to home life. Easier to clean than floors, tiles, etc. Of course, the use of household floor coatings also needs the support and promotion of national policies, so that more builders and consumers can realize the real advantages of floor coatings

floor coating, as a decorative coating with excellent performance, is constantly changing the industrial pattern of the coating world. It is believed that floor coating will be more widely used in the near future

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