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The current situation and development trend of China's flexible plastic packaging industry

with the rapid development of food, cosmetics, medicine and other industries, as well as the continuous improvement of packaging materials and processing technology, flexible plastic packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many fields

for example, in the food industry, it is predicted that the sales of flexible plastic packaging will exceed 5% of the sales of packaging processing in 2003, including 6% for enterprises providing various raw materials and energy, such as mineral powder, coal coking, gas, electricity and water. Among them, bagged meat food is the fastest growing part at the rate of 20% per year. In addition, according to the industrial report 99 published by the business and Economic Research Institute affiliated to the Washington flexible packaging Association, In the next five years, pharmaceutical packaging will become the second largest economic growth point of flexible packaging. The sales volume and sales volume of other industrial packaging and health care products, including soap, cosmetics, disposable products and other retail packaging, have increased rapidly. In a word, plastic flexible packaging has covered a large number of markets with its unique characteristics of bright colors, novel patterns, low price and convenient use, and has penetrated into every part of the manufacturing field

at present, the competition in the flexible packaging industry is becoming increasingly fierce. All regions have played their regional advantages to improve the quality of products. At present, flexible packaging bases led by Shantou, Yuyao, Zhongshan, Taizhou, Tongcheng, Xiongxian and Dongguang have been formed. Packaging factories actively introduce and develop new packaging materials to meet various packaging needs. But there are also the following problems:

1 The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce on the whole, especially in low-end products. The price competition mainly includes: the competition of processing parameters, tool geometry and materials. The products with high performance and high added value are not only few, but also of low quality

2. The implementation of standards for packaging products within the industry is different. International and industry default standards coexist with international standards, which is relatively chaotic, and some enterprises even have no awareness of standards. There are no standards for some new processes and materials at present

3. The existing quality testing equipment is backward, the price of imported quality testing equipment is high, and many enterprises are in a dilemma

4. The utilization rate of testing equipment is not high. When doing tests, only experimental reports are given, and a large number of tests are less carried out for process research. There is also a phenomenon of "purchasing testing equipment to visit customers in response to superior inspection"

therefore, China's flexible plastic packaging industry should actively develop projects with high technical content, such as the development of environmental friendly, thin, special multifunctional flexible packaging materials; Actively introduce international standards and foreign advanced standards, speed up industrial standardization, improve the overall level of our products and encourage enterprises to strengthen the ability of green production to participate in international competition; Actively develop advanced quality testing equipment to replace expensive imported products; It is worth discussing to actively play the role of flexible packaging industry associations, communicate information, improve quality awareness, and exchange advanced experience

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