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Current situation and development trend of post press binding technology (Part 2)

Review on the development of post press binding equipment

1 The evolution of post press binding equipment before the founding of the people's Republic of China, there was basically no automatic binding equipment in China, only manual book cutting machines, and cutting materials with machetes, folding, matching, wire binding, sewing and other processing were carried out manually. Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, China's post press binding equipment has experienced three development changes

(1) the first change

in the mid-1950s, especially in 1956, the change from manual to single machine began. At the same time, China has produced manual paper cutters and pedal wire staplers, and single machine processing equipment has been used for book binding

(2) the second transformation

from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, it experienced the transformation from single machine to linkage production line. Because it is a special period, the processing volume of books and periodicals is very large, so the small single machine for binding can no longer meet the needs of the situation, and there is an unbalanced situation of printing and binding that "there is too much printing and cannot be loaded out", which forces the binding equipment to change again and start to adopt large single machine and linkage production line equipment

at this time, domestic full open loop knife folding machine, full open automatic platform knife folding machine, single knife roller page matching machine, horse riding binding linkage production line, cold adhesive wireless binding linkage production line, hardcover book linkage production line and some large single machines have been introduced to the market, which has improved the binding speed, shortened the processing cycle, and eased the imbalance between printing and binding. It can be said that the reform of the second post press binding equipment is an important stage of the development from small stand-alone machine to large stand-alone machine and linkage production line

(3) the third transformation

since the mid-1990s, single machine and linkage production lines have been developed simultaneously, and the binding equipment and technical level have moved closer to the world's advanced level, entering the international development track

this reform has two characteristics: first, everything is close to international standards to adapt to the operating rules of the WTO; Second, it is based on the "five plus" newly launched by China's publishing industry, that is, there are many short edition flexible products, many wireless adhesive binding products, many complex special processing products, many new material varieties, and many short cycle processing tasks

2. Current situation of binding equipment in China

(1) the existing binding linkage production line

① horse riding binding linkage production line

is mainly domestic equipment, with a speed of 100 ~ 160 copies/minute, mainly products of Shanghai Ziguang and beiren group

② wireless adhesive binding production line

domestic and imported equipment are available, and imported brands are mainly OEM production lines of martini, Kolbus, Wallenberg, beiren group and TSK in Japan; Domestic brands are mainly Shanghai Ziguang's wireless flat samples, which choose flat jaw clamps to hold the adhesive binding production line

③ hardcover book processing production line

mainly depends on imports, and the most is the production line of Kolbus and Martini, with speeds of 36 m/min, 40 m/min and 50 m/min. Among them, Martini's linkage production line has more and more functions, which is composed of units such as supply, flattening, gluing and drying, three-sided book cutting, adhesive tape, tape wrapping, rounding and ridging, lining sweeping, shell covering, grooving, flattening, shaping, turnover, etc

④ paperback binding production line

is mainly domestic equipment, with an average speed of 140 copies/minute

⑤ interlocking production line

mainly German equipment

⑥ the printing and assembling linkage production line of this volume

is mainly the equipment of Germany Weill company, with a speed of 280 copies/minute

⑦ the bill printing and packaging linkage production line

mainly depends on imports

(2) the main types of existing single machines

① paper cutter

paper cutter includes single blade paper cutter, three side book cutter, and broken head three side book cutter. It is mainly domestic equipment, and the most imported equipment is wave broach

② folding machine

mainly uses knife type and fence type folding machines, both imported and domestic equipment, and imported brands are mainly Starr and MBO

③ page dispenser

roll type and clamp type page dispensers are mainly used, and domestic and imported equipment are available. Among them, the clamp type page dispenser also has the function of sticking single pages, and the imported equipment is mainly clamp type

④ gluing machine

is mainly a two head roller machine. The gluing machine produced by beiren is a multi head structure, which can carry out multiple groups of gluing operations

⑤ wire stapler

has single and double ends

⑥ sewing machine

both domestic and imported equipment

⑦ adhesive binding bag this machine

is divided into disc type, oval type and long type. In addition, front folding machine, shell pasting machine and bronzing machine are also common stand-alone machines in book binding

3. Development direction of post press binding equipment

in view of the current situation, the development of post press binding equipment in the past 16 years presents two major directions: first, develop various advanced linkage and single machine equipment suitable for mass production; The second is to develop small single machine equipment suitable for digital printing and small multi-function equipment combined with manual binding, such as bid processing. According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of digital printing and binding companies that can undertake 24-hour fast binding services in Beijing alone. The equipment they use are relatively advanced small desktop binding equipment, and most of them are imported equipment

from the post press binding equipment displayed at the 2004 drupa exhibition, it can be seen that the global printing equipment manufacturers are paying attention to the development of post press binding equipment. Some famous printing equipment manufacturers, such as Heidelberg, Martini, Kolbus, Wallenberg, Starr, ASTA, MBO and Japan TSK, have constantly introduced new post press binding equipment, such as:

① large format automatic impact cutting single-sided paper cutter

② advanced folding machine series (MBO)

③ newly improved plastic thread ironing process (MBO, Heidelberg)

④ the adhesive stapler is written in a straight line, which solves the problem that the book is not formed (Martini, Wallenberg, Japan TSK)

⑤ adhesive binding linkage production line tends to high-speed automation; The main features are: spiral transmission; Automatic post storage; Equipped with probe thickness regulator (Kolbus)

⑥ there are new improvements in the riding and binding line, and it tends to be high-speed; The main improvements are: automatic climbing storage posts; Automatic page pasting; Fold the front and back, paste the bottom page, etc

⑦ paperback sewing linkage production line (Wallenberg)

⑧ digital linkage production line for adhesive binding and horse riding binding

⑨ document automatic processing linkage production line

⑩ automatic bronzing mouth and coloring mouth coupling machine

the appearance of many advanced equipment at the drupa exhibition makes us see that cement pressure testing machine is one of the main instruments and equipment in the laboratory of cement enterprises. To the global printing industry, people begin to pay attention to the development trend of post press binding equipment, which also indicates that post press binding equipment will soon enter a new period of development and reform. History tells us that such changes will be deeper, more thorough, more advanced and more demanding every time

based on the analysis of the type, style and degree of automation of post press binding equipment displayed in drupa in 2004, the post press binding process is moving forward to the advanced ranks of informatization, automation, diversification, complexity and digitalization of binding

while re recognizing the importance of bookbinding technology and the development of bookbinding equipment, we hope that China's bookbinding equipment manufacturers will accelerate the pace, absorb the essence of foreign equipment, establish the characteristics of China's bookbinding equipment, strengthen communication with the technicians of the post press bookbinding department, and develop advanced bookbinding equipment suitable for China's national conditions and the needs of China's publishing and printing market

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