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The current situation and development trend of China's paper packaging container market

paper packaging containers have the advantages of low cost, resource saving, good machining performance, environmental protection, pollution-free, easy recycling and so on. Therefore, in the field of commodity circulation, whether corrugated boxes for transportation packaging, cartons and paper bags for sales packaging, composite packaging materials based on cardboard occupy the first place in packaging materials

with the development of packaging industry, the output of paper products in packaging materials has increased the fastest, and the proportion is also the largest. Paper packaging containers have the advantages of low cost, resource saving, good machining performance, can adapt to mechanized mass production, easy printing, harmless and non-toxic when used, easy recycling and so on. Therefore, corrugated boxes, cartons and paper bags in the commodity field are popular with consumers. Because it is a green and environmentally friendly packaging, ranking first in the use of packaging materials. In today's international situation of saving energy and preventing environmental pollution, pollution-free and pollution-free "green packaging" is quietly rising all over the world. Paper packaging materials that can not only meet the requirements of ventilation, moisture-proof, earthquake resistance, compression resistance and other requirements, but also facilitate recycling and do not cause environmental pollution will undoubtedly have broader prospects and development trends through supporting special compatibility technology modification compared with the three major packaging materials of plastic, glass and metal

The consumption level of paper and paperboard is an important symbol to measure the level of modernization and civilization of a country. With the rapid development of China's national economy, the rapid growth of paper products has provided a broad market for the development of China's paper industry. China's paper industry increased by 17% in 2003 and 20% in 2004. Since China's entry into WTO, the rapid development of corrugated boxes, cartons, paper bags and printing industry, coupled with the rapid expansion of foreign trade and import trade, is also the only way for the sustainable development of the automotive industry, which directly drives the growth of demand for paper products. It is estimated that by 2010, the demand for pulp in China will increase from 35million tons in 2003 to 65million tons, except for the possibility of resumption of production of methyl lithium ore under Rongjie shares; The demand for paper and paperboard will increase from 48million tons in 2003 to 70million tons; The demand for paper products will increase from 17million tons in 2003 to 30million tons. In addition, the growth momentum of paper packaging materials and paper containers is very rapid. It is expected that the output of paper packaging materials and paper containers will increase to 27million tons and 36million tons respectively by 2010, accounting for 53% and 55% respectively

development trend of paper packaging materials

among the four pillar packaging materials of paper, plastic, metal and glass, paper products have the fastest growth rate, because the price of paper is the cheapest, which can be recycled or used as plant fertilizer, and also purify the environment. So, how will paper packaging materials develop in the future? Experts believe that the development trend of paper packaging materials is as follows:

paper packaging materials are developing in the direction of composite diversification

with the improvement of people's living standards, traditional single paper packaging materials can no longer meet the requirements of diversified packaging, and paper packaging materials are developing in the direction of composite diversification. In recent years, all kinds of composite materials have developed rapidly in the production of flexible packaging in China, especially in the field of food flexible packaging, which accounts for almost half of the country. Confectionery, biscuits, melon seeds, salt and other foods and milk liquid beverages are mostly packaged with composite paper packaging materials. As a kind of packaging with high technical content in composite paper materials, liquid aseptic packaging is more and more widely used in China's beverage and milk packaging market. In recent years, the consumption has reached 10033 projects, and more than 100 million packages of industrial pilot production plans have been formulated, accounting for about 10% of the global market. However, at present, the market share of such materials produced by our country is not large, and we have been relying on foreign imports, and the domestic market has yet to be developed

adhesives for composite paper are developing in the direction of environmental protection

at present, adhesives for flexible packaging in Europe and the United States have gradually turned to water-based and solvent-free products. Many countries and regions have established corresponding laws and regulations, which clearly stipulate that adhesives used for food and drug packaging must meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection. Due to the limitations of price and printing technology, the application proportion of water-based adhesives in the Chinese market is still very low. With the improvement of environmental protection laws and regulations in China and the improvement of people's health awareness, environmental friendly adhesives with good quality, no pollution and in line with international standards are gradually becoming the mainstream products of adhesives for composite paper. The technology of water-based adhesives in China is also developing and maturing. Many adhesive manufacturers have launched water-based adhesives, such as Zhejiang New Oriental, Zhongshan Kanghe and Beijing GAOMENG, which will occupy the main market share of adhesives for composite paper in the near future

functional special paperboard for food packaging

at present, China produces a single variety of white paperboard, which is not classified to distinguish different packages, nor does it produce special food packaging paperboard for different functions of packaging materials required by different foods. At present, China's food boxes, pastry boxes, fast food boxes and other cardboard packaging directly imported food do not have oil resistance, and the phenomenon of seepage is quite common. In the future, paper-making enterprises are required to develop and produce functional special cardboard for packaging solid food and packaging liquid food for different food packages

develop pollution-free plant separation pulping and papermaking technology

plant separation pulping and papermaking technology refers to the use of catalytic separation technology to separate plant fibers such as rice, wheat and straw in the cooking process, and to manufacture all kinds of paper (corrugated paper, box board paper, packaging paper, etc.) and high-strength fiber benches. The plant powder made from the non fiber part after treatment can replace grain as feed. In addition to using a small amount of catalyst, this technology does not add any processing raw materials in production, which greatly saves water compared with chemical papermaking. The pH value of the discharged water meets the national requirements after being tested by the environmental protection department

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