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The current situation and development trend of Guangdong packaging industry (IV)

v. the development status of packaging and printing in Guangdong Province

1. Overview of packaging and printing in Guangdong Province

the rapid and abnormal development of packaging and printing in Guangdong Province can be summarized as the following 10 "national first":

① the number of printing enterprises accounts for the first in the country

according to the report of Guangdong Printing Association, according to industry statistics, as of the end of June 2003, there were 14723 printing enterprises and 532000 employees in the province

according to the statistics of the General Administration of publishing, by the end of 2002, there were 90788 printing enterprises in China, including 12999 printing enterprises in Guangdong Province, accounting for 14.318% of the national printing enterprises, ranking first in the country

② the number of private enterprises ranks first in the country. According to the data analysis of 202 provided by the National Bureau of statistics, there are 4531 private packaging and printing enterprises in Guangdong Province, ranking first in the country

Guangdong Province not only has a large number of enterprises, but also has great strength. For example, Tiger color Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, and now the company can provide one-stop services such as design, plate making, printing, bronzing, logo, etc. At present, there are eight rolan700ep brush machines and eleven die cutting machines. The products are mainly cigarette packaging boxes. There are more than 100 cigarette labels printed here in China, and there are as many as 700 varieties. In 2003, the sales volume reached 800 million yuan, an increase of 30% a year over the previous but first flight

③ the number of foreign-funded enterprises ranks first in the country

there are 1600 foreign-funded enterprises in Guangdong Province, accounting for about 70% of the 2284 foreign-funded enterprises in China (excluding 731 enterprises of "three supplies and one subsidy"). The enterprise is large-scale, such as Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., which currently has more than 10000 employees and a construction area of 18 square meters. At present, there are more than 20 production lines and more than 40 offset printing machines with more than four colors, which can comprehensively print, process and produce various types of paper products to meet the needs of different customers. At present, the vast majority of the company's products are exported to Europe, Australia, Africa and other parts of the world, with a total export value of 589 million yuan in 2002

④ the output value ranks first in the country

in 2002, the total output value of the printing industry in Guangdong Province reached 65.9 billion yuan, accounting for 38.5% of the 170.8 billion yuan (excluding equipment and equipment) in the country, of which Shenzhen was 18.7 billion yuan, accounting for 28.3% of Guangdong Province. From the perspective of the scale of the printing industry in the province: there are three companies with more than 2billion yuan; There are ten companies with more than 500million yuan; There are 50 enterprises with more than 100million yuan; There are 200 companies with more than 50million yuan

⑤ the export volume of printing processing ranks first in the country

the export value of printing processing in Guangdong Province accounts for two-thirds of the total export value of 30billion yuan in China. Among them, Hongxing printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has an annual sales volume of 230 million US dollars, and all products are exported; Dongguan Jinbei Printing Co., Ltd. exports 99% of its printed matter; In 2003, the sales volume of Shenzhen Lijia international group was about 600 million yuan, and the export volume accounted for 60.65%

⑥ the adoption of new technology and imported printing equipment ranks first in the country

compared with the major international printing equipment manufacturers, at present, the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal is reduced. There is still a certain gap in the scale and technology of the domestic printing equipment manufacturing industry, so a large number of printing equipment are introduced from abroad every year. Guangdong Province ranks first in terms of the number of foreign exchange and the number of new raw materials produced by fermentation technology from biological raw materials

for example, China business printing (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. has advanced prepress, printing and post press processing equipment, and takes the lead in introducing three Heidelberg M600 high-speed eight color commercial rotary machines across the country; Jinjia group has the world's most advanced Italian gerutti composite transfer nine color printing in-line gravure printing unit (only one in the country), French Komori ShangBang seven color in-line round embossing die-cutting unit, Swiss gullus seven color + Silk go + hot stamping + die-cutting flexo printing machine group, full-automatic hologram positioning Tangjin machine, German Heidelberg speedpa offset printing machine group and other advanced equipment

⑦ GTP ownership ranks first in China

as of the end of September 2003, the national ownership of GTP was 226, and Guangdong Province had 129, accounting for 57%, and the utilization rate was generally high. For example, the steel raw material market of Guangdong Yangcheng Evening News newspaper industry is weak and downward, and it is still bearish in the short term. The group has introduced Agfa Polaris 100 laser plate making machine since 1998. In 2000, it caused four 200 double laser head plate making machines of the same type, with a production capacity of 6.5 million pieces/hour

⑧ the top 100 printing enterprises in China

according to the 2003 "Printing Manager" magazine, 31 printing enterprises in Guangdong Province were shortlisted in the list of top 100 old printing enterprises in China

⑨ the economic benefit ranks first in the country

generally speaking, the economic benefits of printing enterprises in Guangdong Province have been good, and the economic benefits of foreign-funded enterprises are higher than private enterprises, and their exports are higher than domestic sales. According to the figures provided by Guangdong Printing Association, the annual profit of printing enterprises in Guangdong Province is more than 5 billion. For example, the sales volume of Tiger color Group Co., Ltd. reached 800million yuan in 2003, an increase of 30% over the previous year, and the profit reached more than 60million yuan

⑩ attach importance to the construction of printing enterprise culture, which ranks first in the country

printing enterprises in Guangdong Province attach great importance to the construction of corporate culture, especially some large enterprises

Tiger color group regards the corporate culture as the key to supporting the development of the enterprise, and the main contents include four points: first, the OTB management mode of benefit sharing and risk workers (that is, setting goals for each item, looking at results in doing things, and looking at evaluation in managing people); Second, the innovation ability of constantly seeking change and leading technology; Third, a talent echelon that embraces all rivers and maintains a strong position forever; Fourth, a "learning organization" that continues to learn and overloads itself. Tiger color group invests a considerable amount of money every year for the training of middle and senior managers and employees

the business philosophy of Jinjia group is "continuous innovation, endless pursuit of excellence and creation of perfection", so that the company is always new, employees are warm, and customers are at ease. They invested in the construction of a cultural square covering an area of more than 6000 square meters and a cultural center with a construction area of more than 1500 square meters. The center is high with piano bars, bars, gyms, song and dance halls, stadiums and other sports and entertainment facilities. In addition, all major enterprises have their own publications. Tiger color has "tiger collection": yatushi has famous things; Jinjia group founded the monthly magazine Shenzhen Jinjia. This is undoubtedly a feature of corporate culture

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