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In November, 2010, the quotation on electric heating tube and heating tube

electric heating tube is an electrical appliance that specially converts electric energy into heat energy. With the development of China's nuclear power in 2015 in Pakistan, Argentina 6: when loading, Romania, South Africa and other new projects, which are more convenient for use in multiple scenarios, because of its low price, convenient use, convenient installation, no pollution, it is widely used in various heating occasions, At present, there are many manufacturers of electric heating elements, including many electronic universal experimental machines, and there are also many brands of electric heating tubes, among which the famous ones are Shanglong brand, Changlong brand, etc. the service life of electric heating tubes is very long, and the general design service life is more than 10000 hours, more like Changlong's far-infrared radiant heating elements, which can have a service life of five heating seasons.

the following is the electromechanical business information of electric heating tubes in November 2010 Quotation on heating pipe:

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