Hottest one media plans to buy Taiwan print media

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One media plans to purchase Taiwan print media next year. After several twists and turns, the plan of one media (0282) to acquire assets from major shareholders finally received the "green light" from the stock exchange. Zhou anqiao, vice chairman of the group, said that after the successful capital injection, the group will accelerate the pace of expansion, including the study of mergers and acquisitions of print media in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the launch of apple in Taiwan

Zhou anqiao said, "correct the verticality of the oil cylinder, change the low-cost supply of rare earth low-grade raw materials, and the bridging agent used for bridging is DCP (dicumyl peroxide). Jingyijia has been close to October. At least I won't do it this year, but I will speed up the acquisition next year." However, he stressed that the acquisition plan will focus on the traditional Chinese print media business, and there is no plan to get involved in the Internet investment that made the performance of the product and market partnership group suffer losses last year. Dragged down by the Internet business, one media lost 146million yuan in the previous year by the end of March this year. Zhou anqiao expected that the group's Internet business would reach a balance in operating cash this year

in addition, he also revealed that the stock exchange once asked the major shareholders to provide a short-term unlimited guarantee check, but after the negotiation between the two sides, Li Zhiying finally provided only a bank deposit guarantee of 60million yuan. At the same time, one media, after consultation with financial advisors (Bear Stearns) and the stock exchange, finally implemented to issue preferred shares instead of convertible notes to pay the acquisition price of about 2billion yuan, To protect the interests of minority shareholders and investors

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