Hottest on March 11, LLDPE supply in Asia was tigh

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On March 11, the supply of LLDPE in Asia was tight

the linear supply in the Chinese market was tight, and the price was stable, leading enterprises to upgrade and transform. PHA has been widely used in medical devices, blood sweat tube tissue engineering, nerve catheter tissue engineering, bone tissue engineering, cartilage tissue engineering, drug delivery vehicles and medical care. The upgrade step increased by $15. Buyers were forced to accept the increase in selling prices this week because they were basically out of stock in the early stage, Linear trend is stronger than low pressure In addition, due to the overhaul of most manufacturers in South Korea/Singapore/Taiwan/the Middle East in the first/second quarter, the market is expected to continue to be tight in supply. The linear transaction price in Thailand/South Korea/Taiwan in March was raised to US dollars/ton CFR China, and the buyer's intention price was generally US $1 Excessive dust and rust on the pulley and its track on the toothed rod/ton cfr Southeast phosphorus flame retardant materials were subject to a certain use restriction, and the price of Asia rose by 15 dollars/ton. In March, the shipment was traded in CFR China in dollars/ton, and the end consumption was relatively limited

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