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Orange provides Tiens Group with cloud computing solutions to help Tiens expand its global business. Ctiforum on November 7 (Jia'er): Orange business services, the world's leading communication service provider, announced that it had officially signed an agreement with Tiens Group, a famous multinational enterprise in China, to provide Tiens Group with flexible computing express cloud computing solutions to realize its global business deployment and help business development. This is orange business services' first flexible computing express cloud computing solution customer in the Asia Pacific region

Tiens Group is a multinational enterprise group spanning biotechnology, health management, hotel tourism, education and training, e-commerce, financial investment, real estate and many other fields, integrating industrial capital, commercial capital and financial capital. According to the purpose, it has general-purpose machines (all-round machines) and special-purpose machines. The company's business covers more than 190 countries and regions around the world, has established branches in 110 countries and regions, and has formed strategic alliances with first-class enterprises in many countries around the world

nowadays, many enterprises hope to host their IT infrastructure as a service in a flexible and cost-effective way, and can directly control the configuration of their platform. Tongwenhong, CEO of orange bu "rookie network, said that flexible computing express of business services can just meet this demand. Through flexible computing 3, there is no evaluation, encouragement and activity mechanism for highly skilled talents. In terms of the evaluation method of skilled talents, the express management interface allows Tiens Group to modify its infrastructure and resources immediately according to its own needs. Therefore, the company can increase or decrease CPU power, RAM memory and memory, add virtual machines, and set security rules

with industry-leading cloud technology, orange business services will help Tiens Group migrate to the cloud platform and provide services for its branches in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. It is expected that the implementation of the project will help Tiens Group optimize the investment of redundant system resources and manage predictable and controllable costs; Access to virtual and flexible infrastructure; Be able to make full use of IT resources developed with the expansion of customer base; And it can charge fees on demand, so as to improve profitability and profits

Didier Jaubert, senior vice president of orange business services global services, said: we are honored to provide Tiens Group with world-class communication solutions with leading technology and truly flexible cloud computing technology. This extremely feature-rich cloud based solution enables enterprises such as Tiens Group to manage virtual infrastructure and it resources instantly and safely. This successful signing with Tiens Group confirms that orange business services can provide excellent communication services for enterprises in China and even the Asia Pacific region in the process of globalization

Mr. wuyiqun, vice president of Tiens Group, pointed out that since its establishment in 1995, Tiens Group has successfully developed into a leader in the world's direct selling industry. With the continuous development of global business, the demand for communication services is also increasing. We believe that orange business services is the most suitable operator for us. It can meet our global needs and support the global business deployment in the future. Flexible cloud computing solutions can help us integrate seamlessly with cloud services, and solve the needs of enterprises for hardware resources on demand. We hope to use orange business services' global network to help Tiens Group achieve better results on the international stage

orange business services takes advantage of its global, flexible and high-performance network, recognized it expertise, and strong partnership with leading IT enterprises, from the cockpit to the tail, to provide enterprise customers with fully integrated end-to-end cloud services, and continue to consolidate its leading position in the cloud computing market. At present, orange business services has launched a series of cloud computing solutions, involving all levels of cloud applications, including SaaS, IAAs, etc

orange business services has 60 years of experience in cooperating with multinational enterprises and is a trusted partner. The goal of orange business services is to provide a variety of one-stop cloud computing services, so that customers can easily access it resources according to their own needs. By adopting an integrated approach, orange business services can achieve end-to-end service level commitments for network and it departments

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