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Interpret the "ecological way" of Huawei Enterprise Cloud communications

ecology is everywhere. Hawaii, thousands of kilometers away from China, is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is isolated from the mainland and has a closed ecological environment. At present, there are more than 20000 species. In Costa Rica, which is more distant, it is located between North and South America, connected to Panama in the South and Nicaragua in the north. There is no gap between Costa Rica and the mainland. The ecosystem is open and diverse, and organisms coexist and flourish. At present, there are more than 500000 species in Costa Rica, which is 25 times that of Hawaii

which of the two completely different ecosystems is more suitable for the new era of rapid digital transformation? In this regard, Huawei's rotating CEO Guo Ping gave Huawei's answer in a passionate speech at the Huawei connect conference in September 2016: what Huawei wants to build is an open and prosperous ecosystem like Costa Rica

from March 9 to 10, 2017, Huawei China ecological partnership conference 2017 was grandly held in Changsha, Hunan Province. More than 10000 ecological elites from the national ICT field gathered together to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation with Huawei, and jointly collide with the wisdom spark of digital transformation

whether it is the ecological Partner Conference, the full connection conference, or the previous partner conference, although the names are different, ecology is always one of its keywords. As a global leader in ICT, it has always been Huawei's core strategy to build an open and shared ecosystem with industry partners while focusing on ICT infrastructure. From smart cities to agile networks, from big data to enterprise communications, Huawei is committed to building an ecosystem in all areas of ICT, complementing the advantages of its partners and achieving win-win development

take enterprise cloud communication as an example. At this ecological Partner Conference, Huawei and partners from government affairs, health care, education and other fields jointly witnessed the release of Huawei enterprise communication cloud services. At the same time, it jointly released the digital China Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication ISV joint solution verification center with digital China. Huawei's Costa Rica style ecological strategy was further implemented in the field of enterprise communication, The cloud communication ecosystem has further expanded

starting with digital transformation

as we all know, with the continuous development of cloud computing, big data, IOT, artificial intelligence and other new ICT technologies, a wave of digital transformation sweeping the world is coming. Digital transformation not only means the transformation of enterprise IT technology and architecture to new ICT, but also involves the comprehensive innovation and transformation of enterprise business, management mode and business mode. In addition, in terms of fields, digital transformation involves not only one or several fields, but also a general trend covering all fields such as smart city, IOT, enterprise communication, etc

it can be seen that digital transformation is not simple, and its complexity and arduousness can be imagined. Throughout the world, no ICT enterprise can fully meet the digital transformation needs of enterprises on its own. Cooperation and ecology have become the general trend to promote global digital transformation. Huawei realized this very early, so we saw Huawei put forward and put into practice a series of ecological strategies, such as focusing on and being integrated, Costa Rica style ecosystem, and living from gathering

digital transformation is the same, especially in the field of enterprise communication. In the current context of increasingly complex enterprise communication and collaboration needs, with the widespread application of cloud computing, a new era of cloud transformation of enterprise communication has begun. To truly promote the cloud transformation of enterprise communication, it is not enough to rely on Huawei alone. It also requires the joint participation of partners in the field of enterprise communication and all parties in the industrial chain to build a Costa Rica style open ecosystem

platform + ecological two wheel drive

building ecology is easier said than done. Not every ICT manufacturer has the ability to build a platform to attract and aggregate partners in the industrial chain. As the builder of the ecosystem, first of all, we must have strong ICT technical strength, and second, we must have an open, sharing, win-win cooperation thinking and mentality. Only with both, can we truly implement the ecological strategy. It has to be said that Huawei is one of the few ICT manufacturers who have the will and strength to build an ecosystem. Then, how to implement Huawei's Costa Rica style ecological strategy

at Huawei's ecological partners conference, Huawei proposed to embrace the digital transformation of the industry with platform + ecological two wheel drive. The so-called platform refers to various ICT infrastructure platforms provided by Huawei, and the so-called ecosystem refers to the aggregation of partners through various business alliances, industrial alliances, open source communities, etc. on the basis of the platform. In the field of enterprise communications, Huawei adheres to the ecological strategy of "platform + ecosystem" two wheel drive

at the enterprise cloud communication sub forum of this conference, Huawei launched a one-stop enterprise communication cloud service for partners, and built an enterprise communication cloud platform based on public cloud for partners, including serial cloud terminals, infrastructure overall view, bandwidth, operator code and call resources. Partners can resell cloud services such as call center, video conference and unified communication based on the platform, or operate private brand enterprise communication services. They can also embed cloud communication capabilities into industry applications based on the eight categories of atomic APIs and industry scenario APIs provided by Huawei, so as to provide richer innovative businesses for enterprises. In addition, Huawei's open laboratories in Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other places will provide partners with all-round technical support such as demonstration experience, training and certification, secondary development, docking test, etc., jointly incubate competitive solutions, rapidly deploy on the cloud, and expand the industry market

on the basis of providing platforms, Huawei also continues to help build an enterprise cloud communication ecosystem. In, the compound growth rate of Huawei's channel number exceeded 47%, and the compound annual growth rate of Digital China, Jinhua Wei and other general agents exceeded 30%. In 2016, the number of gold and silver medals totaled 400+. At the same time, Huawei and ISV partners jointly provided solutions in the fields of public security, medical treatment, finance, education, government and so on to meet the needs of industry customers. In September 2016, at the Huawei all connect conference, Huawei also initiated the establishment of an enterprise cloud communication ecosystem alliance to jointly build an enterprise cloud communication ecosystem with partners. At this eco Partner Conference, Huawei further gathered more partners in the field of Enterprise Cloud communication, and jointly established a solution verification center with digital China to jointly promote the transformation of enterprise communication to cloud

ecological partners singing opera

the construction of the ecosystem is like singing opera. The ecological partners conference is a huge stage built by Huawei for ecological partners, and the protagonist of the singing opera is the vast number of ecological partners. At the sub forum of Enterprise Cloud communication, partners from digital China, Ping'an technology, quantu technology, Jinhua Wei and others shared their cooperation with Huawei and their views on the development trend of Enterprise Cloud communication in the future

Gao Hongfu, general manager of Huawei headquarters technology center of Digital China, shared the collaborative cloud solution and application practice of Digital China based on Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication platform with the theme of fingertip Internet cloud sharing communication. Gao Hongfu said that he hoped to use Huawei as a powerful driving force to transform his own advantages into the ability to optimize customer experience, so as to gain a place in the future cloud communication market competition. Jiang Hui, director of Ping An technology contact cloud products, shared the practical experience of Ping An technology in enterprise communication with the theme of moving from cloud communication to large-scale collaboration. Yin Xi, CEO of total technology, brought a speech on cloud video, the new demand of government enterprise communication in the cloud era at this forum. Yin Xi comprehensively shared the cooperation process between total technology and Huawei in cloud video ecology, joint solutions and applications, the value of cloud video to enterprise communication, the business cooperation mode of both sides, and so on. Chenwenbin, director of UC C product department of jinhuawei digital technology, shared the opportunities and development of the cloud era enterprise communication ecosystem with the theme of integration and win-win. Chen Wenbin said that the release of Huawei's enterprise communication cloud service has opened a new era of enterprise communication in the cloud era and opened a blue ocean market for the vast number of ecological partners

in addition to the wonderful sharing about Enterprise Cloud communication, Huawei also jointly released the verification center of Digital China Huawei Enterprise Cloud communication ISV joint solution. Xu Shengjun, vice president of Huawei cloud core product line, Qin Feng, head of Huawei enterprise BG China UC u Solution Sales Department, Wang Xiangjiong, general manager of Huawei cloud core product line video conference, Han Zhimin, assistant president of Digital China group, general manager of Huawei headquarters, Liu Yulong, deputy general manager of Huawei headquarters, and Gao Hongfu, general manager of Huawei headquarters technology center jointly launched the opening ceremony for the center. It is reported that the verification center focuses on solving scenarios such as product compatibility protocol interoperability, which is used to verify and test the functions and performance of various devices from the same manufacturer and different manufacturers, and will effectively promote the development of ISV business and Enterprise Cloud communication ecosystem

ecological way: make the cake bigger, abide by the boundaries, and share interests

to sum up, whether it is the Costa Rican strategy of ecological, platform + ecological two wheel drive, or this Huawei ecological Partner Conference, it points to Huawei's new ecological way in the digital transformation and cloud era. The author summarizes it into three levels:

hydraulic pump to change the situation axial piston pump is to make the cake bigger first. Digital transformation in the future means huge market opportunities. How to seize the opportunity in the fierce market competition and win a larger market share is a common topic faced by all ICT manufacturers. Huawei does not intend to fight alone. Instead, on the basis of its strong ICT technology and capabilities, it will continue to expand the market by aggregating industrial chain partners. This is also Huawei's first ecological concept in the cloud era: it is more important to expand the cake, industry and market than to expand our own share

the second is to abide by the boundary. It is not easy to build an ecosystem, and it is even more difficult to maintain and promote the prosperity and development of the ecosystem. In the ICT ecosystem built by Huawei, Huawei has always adhered to the boundary without crossing the boundary, positioned itself as the soil and energy of ICT ecosystem, and insisted on building an ecological platform for partners to enable partners' digital transformation and value enhancement

finally, sharing benefits. Although the ecological partners have brought together the achievements of new material innovation such as 3D metal printing and fullerenes in order to achieve the common goal of digital transformation, a good benefit sharing mechanism can be regarded as the guarantee of sound ecological development. Huawei knows this well at present. Therefore, it generously announced at the full connection Conference that in the huge cake of digital transformation, we only took 1%, and the rest are from our partners

therefore, it is not difficult for us to understand why Huawei upgraded the partner conference to co partner, ecological Partner Conference, and how much energy the open, cooperative and win-win ICT ecosystem led by Huawei will bring to the whole world is more worthy of expectation

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