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Interpretation of BOPP bottle packaging technology

biaxial stretched polypropylene (BOPP) is a material for the production of films. BOPP films are used for the film packaging of food, cigarettes, clothes, etc. in supermarkets and the film pressing on books. The advantages of this film material are transparent, barrier, crisp, high strength and non-toxic. At present, there are bottles made of BOPP material. At the same time, this BOPP bottle has been applied in the beverage industry

BOPP packaging technology can bring greater flexibility to production

at present, PET bottles are mostly used in the hot beverage filling market. PET material has good gas barrier, chemical stability, good toughness, high tensile strength, transparency and gloss, but it is very easy to absorb moisture. Therefore, PET bottles need to be dried by special equipment before processing. Ordinary PET bottles are not resistant to high temperature and cannot be used in the packaging of fruit juice and tea drinks. The typical way to change their performance is to improve the crystallinity. When adding heat setting process during bottle blowing, the manufacturing process of bottle blank also needs to be changed, mainly the crystallization of the bottle mouth. With the increase of crystallinity, PET bottles can withstand a temperature of 85 ℃ to 95 ℃. BOPP hot filling and bottling is still very strange to most people. However, with its launch, enterprises that need hot filling and bottling in the production of fruit juice and tea drinks have a new choice in packaging. Polypropylene material has low price, stability, good transparency, non moisture absorption and good temperature resistance. The disadvantage is that the gloss and barrier properties are not as good as PET material, but the barrier properties and temperature resistance of polypropylene bottles can be improved by biaxial stretching

bopp bottle can have great attraction to beverage enterprises, mainly due to low cost. The cost of BOPP bottles is at least 20% lower than that of PET bottles. The adoption of BOPP bottles means a huge profit margin. In addition, its temperature resistance is good. At present, pet hot filling bottles can only withstand a high temperature of 93 ℃, but BOPP bottles can withstand a high temperature of 100 ℃, which makes the hot filling process of beverage factories easy. Due to the poor temperature resistance of PET bottles, it is necessary to adopt a reasonable bottle type design to adapt to the temperature and pressure during filling. Special plate types are required at the bottom and bottom of the bottles. Therefore, PET bottles containing hot filled beverages such as tea and fruit juice in the market are similar in shape, while BOPP bottles have good temperature resistance, so the requirements for bottle type design are not harsh, and the bottle type design can be very flexible

the most important point is that BOPP bottles do not absorb moisture, which is of practical significance to beverage and bottle production enterprises. It is obvious in the light and peak seasons of beverages. Generally, enterprises produce bottles in the light season for storage for use in the peak season, which can reduce equipment investment and improve equipment utilization. However, due to the easy moisture absorption of PET bottles, the crystallinity decreases and the temperature resistance of the bottles is damaged. The bottles can only be stored for 14 days at most, which leads to insufficient operation of PET bottle production equipment in the off-season and short supply in the peak season. BOPP bottles can be stored for several years without changing the temperature resistance, which is equivalent to improving the utilization rate of the equipment

bopp bottle manufacturing process and equipment characteristics

bopp bottle blowing generally adopts a two-step preheating biaxial stretching bottle blowing system. According to the characteristics and application requirements of BOPP bottles, its main process flow is: after PP pellets are formed by injection molding machine, they are cooled for about 24 hours, and then the bottle embryo is sent to the accompanying fixture through the upper embryo conveying system, and the accompanying fixture is sent to the host heating temperature control system for heating, Finally, it is sent to the bottle blowing device to be blown into a bottle. Using dandelion root as a rubber substitute is an example of Ford's investment in the development of renewable automotive materials. Type 1 is a BOPP bottle

now take the BOPP bottle blowing machine of Dongguan Jiahong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as an example to introduce the main performance characteristics of BOPP bottle blowing equipment:

1. Intelligent electric control system, double closed-loop temperature and voltage, automatic regulation for the changes and fluctuations of ambient temperature and input voltage, so that the bottle embryo can be heated stably and the heating is more balanced

2. Reserve Ethernet interface, so that the machine can realize central monitoring of operation status and remote diagnosis of operation faults through the network

3. The distance between the accompanying fixtures of this machine is moderate, the machine runs smoothly and reliably, and the bottle is well formed

4. Program optimization control. When there is no bottle embryo, the mold closing and manipulator do not act to reduce machine grinding. The core advantage of this model is that the body adopts carbon fiber composite materials to reduce air consumption

5. The advanced bottom mold structure, especially the bottle embryo guiding device, makes the bottle bottom molding more centered and the bottle wall more uniform

6. When delivering embryos, the bottle taking manipulator is arranged separately, so the machine action is more flexible, the operation is more stable, and the bottle blowing operation cycle is shortened

7. The whole machine is fully automated control, PLC microcomputer signal processing, touch screen human-machine interface, simple and convenient operation, superior performance

8. Select first-class suppliers, such as pneumatic components, which mainly use FESTO products, and the main electrical components are from Omron and Fuji companies, so that the whole machine has reliable performance and long service life

10. The high-precision pressure regulating modular temperature control system can accurately control the heating temperature of each point of the bottle embryo, and the accurate temperature signal feedback system can improve the bottle forming rate and reduce material and energy consumption

11. Multi point emergency stop control ensures the timely shutdown in case of failure and the safety of the equipment. It has the function of monitoring the running position of the machine. When the machine is not in place or fails, it can immediately alarm and automatically shut down for inspection. PLC monitors the running state at any time, and can self diagnose the point of equipment failure and point out the cause of the failure

12. The bottle embryo conveying, embryo discharging and embryo loading device can automatically detect the number of bottle embryos, realize the automatic conversion of action on and off, and reduce energy consumption

13. Far infrared heating can save energy and reduce costs

14. Dense stainless steel traveling fixture transmission, no dust adsorption, imported chain drive, only a few lubrication times a year

15. Pneumatic transmission manipulator can accurately transfer the bottle embryo, with simple structure and reliable performance

16. Hinged mold closing device and high-pressure pneumatic mold locking structure make the bottle free of sharp edges and the parting line small

17. Adjustable sealing stretching system, based on professional technology and our dedicated contribution to all glass fiber industries, can be steplessly adjusted according to the bottle height, double linear guide rail guidance, accurate stretching and positioning, so that the bottle wall thickness is uniform

18. All stainless steel protective cover has beautiful appearance, tidiness, stability and reliability, low noise and small vibration

Dongguan Jiahong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Huanbao technology group, developed a two-step biaxially oriented polypropylene bottle three years ago, causing a sensation in the industry. The BOPP bottle and its processing technology and equipment developed by Hong Kong Huanbao technology group adopt a two-step production process. Since the raw materials do not need drying treatment, nor do they need to be shaped and crystallized at the bottle mouth, the process is easier to control, the equipment investment is less, and the flexibility is large. It can produce both ordinary BOPP bottles and hot filled bottles on the same set of equipment. At present, only a few foreign companies such as Puji company and BLENS company produce BOPP hot filling bottling, and only Dongguan Jiahong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produces BOPP hot filling bottling in China

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