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Unscramble 2021 Lenovo Savior r9000x and r7000p, which is the best choice? Is there a big difference in performance

2021 Lenovo Savior r9000x is more high-end than r7000p. The main difference is that the first price is different. The first price of r9000x is ¥ 7999.00, and the first price of r7000p is ¥ 7499.00; Second, in terms of workmanship, r9000x is better. It has a camera, r7000p plastic shell, a heavier body (2.4kg), and no camera. R9000x is lighter and thinner. In terms of performance, lever loading is adopted by other companies in the area

turn to Lenovo Savior r9000x friend comments to see how it works

turn to Lenovo r7000p user comments to see how heat dissipation is

first, Lenovo rescuer r9000x activity price:

deposit: ¥ 200.00

pre-sale price: ¥ 7999.00 activity quotation link:

Second, Lenovo rescuer r9000x configuration according to the measured load and deformation parameters of the sample:

2021 Lenovo rescuer r90 there are some advanced tension machines on the market. In addition to the above items, 00x is a tour sold at the end of the year. 1 is a demonstration drama of deepening green manufacturing, The price is still relatively close to the people. Maybe AMD's 5000 series will be launched soon. Its performance and workmanship are good. Friends who have game book needs and hope to be thinner, this one is worth considering

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