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Interpretation of Athens Olympic printing

Xerox text printing system shows its sharpness

at the Athens Olympic Games, Xerox provided document processing products, technologies and services for the general assembly to ensure the successful holding of the Olympic Games. During the preparation and progress of the Olympic Games, only 28 sports organizations related to the Olympic Games need to print 20000 work reports, with a total of more than 150million pages of printed documents

Xerox provides nearly 6000 sets of various document communication and printing equipment to serve officials, athletes and media covering the Olympic Games. During the Olympic Games, Xerox deployed nearly 250 technicians in 36 competition venues and 26 non competition venues to ensure that the equipment and services can meet the document communication requirements of the conference. Among the 6000 Xerox equipment, more than 1000 were installed in the Olympic Village and competition venues in May 2016. These equipment work 16 hours a day

during the Paralympic Games, Xerox provided 80 Xerox docucolor535s and 70 docucolor55s for large-scale color printing, and 1133 Fuji Xerox 1008 all-in-one machines and 476 Xerox phaser4400s color printers for small-scale document printing

Kodak provides digital color printing services

taking advantage of the opportunity of the Athens Olympic Games, Kodak has brought more advanced imaging (including medical imaging, portrait photography, commercial imaging, film production) technologies and digital printing systems to the commercial market, improving the technical level of the industry and driving the business of Kodak and its partners

Kodak made certificates for all people entering and leaving the site of the Athens Olympic rough polishing and smoothing games, including 350000 certificates and 80000 visas; In addition, set up an image center to provide professional photographers and provide various image services from the visual experience; In addition, it also provides a comprehensive medical diagnosis service clinic, using advanced digital medical imaging technology; Set up a digital output center open to the audience near the main stadium of the Athens Olympic Games, where you can print photos, modify and process photos, upload them to, send them to friends, or send them to 3. There is a peak memory function for printing services, and you can also make photos into CDs. Kodak does not expect to make profits through the output center. What is important is that athletes and live audiences can experience and use new digital technology to save and share the wonderful moments of the Olympic Games. After the Olympic Games, Kodak digital output center became part of the public image center in Athens

at the Athens Olympic Games, Kodak played an important role in the publication of pictures and variable data, and provided on-site image services through Kodak Image Center to meet the needs of photographers and people to cover the games. Kodak uses two nexpress2100 color digital printers and two ENCAD novajet1000i high-speed wide width inkjet photo printers to produce photos for various display purposes in the Olympic venue, ranging in size from postcards to large posters

During the Athens Olympic Games, horizon sports business magazine and focus magazine cooperated with users in Heidelberg to print the Olympic news in real time on the Heidelberg printing machine

horizon sports business magazine reported the events of the Athens Olympic Games in real time, and reflected the significance and influence of the Athens Olympic Games from the perspective of business, media and politics. Horizon Magazine focuses on entertaining Olympic sports activities

The Department of horizon magazine handled all the manuscripts overnight, and the processed manuscripts were sent to the users of a local Heidelberg printing machine in Athens for printing. The printed newspapers were distributed to those who paid attention to the grand occasion of the Athens Olympic Games the next morning

focus magazine has a special task, which is to provide German Olympic athletes and national staff with political, economic and social information from the motherland during the Olympic Games, which comes from the German newspaper Munich

horizon and focus both choose Heidelberg printing machine to provide printing services. The main reason is that Heidelberg printing machine has the highest quality and reliability. The completed data documents are submitted to the Heidelberg printer server in PDF format, and the printing plate is directly generated from this server

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