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The application of ozone in cosmetic packaging materials

in view of the defects in the field of sterilization and disinfection of packaging materials containers in China's cosmetics industry for many years, the "jzcf-b" series packaging container ozone disinfection system is designed and manufactured with reference to the international advanced disinfection industry and in accordance with the requirements of the "GMP verification guide" and the "disinfection technical specification" formulated by the Ministry of health, and the disinfection effect is obvious

I. principle of ozone sterilization

sterilization of ozone belongs to biochemical oxidation reaction. Ozone oxidation decomposes the enzymes necessary for glucose oxidation inside bacteria; It can also directly interact with bacteria and viruses, destroy their cell walls and RNA, decompose macromolecular polymers such as DNA, RNA, protein, lipids and polysaccharides, and destroy the material metabolism, growth and reproduction process of bacteria; It can also penetrate the cell membrane tissue, invade the cell membrane and act on the outer membrane lipoproteins and internal lipopolysaccharides, causing the permeability distortion of the cell, leading to the dissolution and death of the cell, and dissolve, denature and destroy the genetic genes, parasitic bacteria, parasitic virus particles, bacteriophages, bronchioles and pyrogens (bacterial and viral metabolites, endotoxin) in the dead bacteria. Generally speaking, the principle of the effect of aseptic technology on microorganisms can be divided into bacteriostasis, sterilization and bacteriolysis. The application of ozone as a bactericide belongs to bacteriolysis

in the "disinfection technical specifications" issued by the Ministry of health in 1991, there is also an introduction to the sterilization principle of ozone:

"scientific research shows that ozone has a strong bactericidal effect." "The molecular structure of ozone is unstable at room temperature and normal pressure, and it soon decomposes into oxygen (O2) and a single oxygen atom (o). The latter has strong activity and has a strong oxidation effect on bacteria. Ozone oxidation decomposes the enzymes necessary for glucose oxidation in bacteria, thereby destroying the cell membrane and killing it, and the excess oxygen atoms will automatically recombine into ordinary oxygen molecules (O2) , there is no toxic residue, so it is called 'pollution-free disinfectant'. It not only has a strong ability to kill all kinds of bacteria (including hepatitis virus, E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and miscellaneous bacteria), but also is very effective in killing mold. "

II. Working principle and system composition

through the sterilization and disinfection practice of ozone on different packaging containers, the required corresponding effective ozone disinfection concentration is counted, so as to obtain the action time period of the effective concentration, and then the data is set to the centralized electric control system for storage. In production, it can be automatically controlled, which can meet the requirements of GB, ASTM, JIS, kin, BS г The error of manual measurement of OCT and other domestic and international standards is very large: the whole disinfection process is controlled by one system. The packaging materials are thoroughly sterilized by the effective concentration of ozone occurring in the specified time period until the exhaust gas is discharged into the atmosphere after being destroyed (the exhaust gas meets the ozone concentration of national environmental protection standard ≤ 0.2mg/m3)

the system is a disinfection system mainly composed of gas source treatment equipment, ozone generation equipment, ozone concentration monitoring and detection equipment, tail gas discharge and destruction equipment and centralized electrical automatic control

the gas source treatment equipment supplies the treated gas to the ozone generation equipment to produce 1 Ozone, the two main sources of waste plastics, diffuses into the inner cavity of packaging materials through pipes in the disinfection chamber. When the ozone concentration and action time in the disinfection chamber reach the specified value, the ozone generation equipment stops working, and the tail gas destruction equipment begins to warm up. When the temperature reaches the set value, the tail gas discharge equipment starts, and the gas in the chamber is discharged to the tail gas destruction equipment, forcing it to decompose and restore quickly and discharge into the atmosphere

system process: gas source treatment - ozone generator - disinfection chamber - tail gas emission destruction

III. compared with the traditional sterilization and disinfection methods of cosmetics packaging containers:

1. The disinfection and sterilization effect is good, environmental protection, no residue, and the effect is lasting

at present, cosmetics manufacturers generally adopt high-temperature drying, ultraviolet radiation, disinfectant immersion, 75% alcohol solution immersion, ethylene oxide and other methods for packaging containers. There are defects such as incomplete sterilization, high energy consumption, complex operation process, and some even secondary pollution. The ozone disinfection process completely makes up for the shortcomings of the old process, reduces the human, material and labor costs in the disinfection process, improves production efficiency, and has no residues. The effect of killing Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, bacillus and Neisseria gonorrhoeae is very ideal. Because ozone is a gas sterilization, under normal operation and storage conditions, bacteria have no water carrier to live on, so the effect is reliable and lasting

2. The use effect of packaging materials after disinfection

because ozone is a gas disinfected at room temperature and its concentration is controllable, the aging and corrosion effect of ozone on packaging materials made of PVC, PE and other materials is equivalent to that of alcohol + formaldehyde. The packaging material does not deform, does not affect the printing adhesion of the packaging material, and can be sprayed normally

3. Economic comparison

according to users' use, The production costs of the new and old disinfection methods of "ozone" and "formaldehyde ethanol" are compared as follows:

formaldehyde ethanol disinfection method:

packaging material disinfection volume - 10000 pieces/day

operators - 15 people (per capita salary 800 yuan/month)

ethanol consumption - kg/month (5000 yuan per ton left and right)

then: the annual wage cost is 96000 yuan calculated according to eight months of peak season production

the consumables cost is also 18000 yuan calculated according to eight months

the total of the two items: 114000 yuan

ozone disinfection method:

packaging material disinfection amount - 10000 pieces/day

operators - 4 people (per capita wage 800 yuan/month)

power consumption - 3KW power consumption for each opening of the disinfection warehouse, and 15kw power consumption if the warehouse is opened five times a day. (the electricity charge is 2.5 yuan/kw industrial electricity)

then: the annual wage cost is 25600 yuan based on eight months of peak season production

the electricity cost is also 13500 yuan based on eight months

the total of the two items: 39100 yuan

the annual cumulative cost difference between the new and old disinfection processes is 114000 -39100 = 74900. If compared with the ozone disinfection system, the investment can be recovered in the last month

to sum up, in recent years, our company has developed an ozone disinfection system for the disinfection of cosmetics packaging materials, which has been successively adopted by cosmetics enterprises. According to the feedback from users, the ozone disinfection system (jzcf-b Series) has indeed replaced the old disinfection process and achieved good process and economic results. In order to meet the needs of the majority of users in the cosmetics industry, our company continues to explore new process routes and supporting methods, in order to reduce costs, reduce investment costs, and better serve users

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