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Interpreting the development of industrial chain and discussing the future of RFID (5)

Wang Dong

now is the best time for Chinese enterprises to vigorously develop RFID and EPC technology. As early as 2002, in the technology maturity curve designed by Gartner, 21 technologies that will change the world in the future were listed, and RFID technology accounted for two places. Among them, auto ID/EPC technology based on RFID technology is in the stage of technology startup, and it is expected to enter the stage of scale popularization from 2004 to 2007

at present, RFID technology is in a climbing period, and theoretical and technical research and industrial development are in the ascendant all over the world. We should seize this good opportunity, track the latest development of RFID technology in the world, break through the key technologies of the electronic label industry chain as soon as possible, and speed up the development and application of RFID and EPC Technology in China, so as to make China's research and application of this technology at the world advanced level

Zhang gejun

various enterprises have different expectations for investment income, which is a matter of different opinions

the strategy of our enterprise is to promote the application in the field of logistics, accumulate various necessary resources and grow synchronously with the market by establishing various application pilots. Continue to expand the application of non logistics fields and expand market share

accelerate the construction of a complete industrial chain

rfid industrial chain includes chips, antennas, packaging materials, reading and writing machines, system integration and other links. At present, China's RFID industrial chain is in its infancy. How do you think the industrial chain should be built to promote the development of the industry faster

Wang Shujun

I believe that everything except chips can be started, especially in antenna research, localization of reading and writing machines, and application solutions. We should increase investment and speed up the cultivation of RFID applications, including training and pilot projects

due to the close relationship between the early application of RIFD and automatic data acquisition and automatic control, the early domestic application was dominated by the application of repeated tags, and the cost of tags was not an obstacle to the domestic application. Reducing the cost of reading and writing equipment and improving the reliability and ease of use of reading and writing equipment were the first problems to be solved. The development of the industrial chain should be closely linked with the application, and the larger the scale of RFID application, the more advantages it could play, In promoting pilot scale applications, government departments should also play a coordinating and leveraging role

the application promoted by international retail cross group brings great opportunities to label manufacturing enterprises. From what we know, most of the suppliers of international retail cross group are foreign enterprises, and the OEM enterprises in China are also mainly foreign-funded enterprises. I personally have an understanding of made in China, which should be made in China by foreign enterprise. More specifically, in the process of RFID Application in Chinese enterprises abroad, Basically, it is an international centralized procurement mode. If China's RFID products have no advantage in price and product quality, joining the competition will not bring much advantage because China is one of the global manufacturing centers

Qin Gang

just as many industries have different stages from start-up, maturity to recession, the form, content and focus of RFID value chain are also different. For example, in the smart card industry, at first, all parties in the value chain need to carry out a lot of training for customers, and complete solutions are more popular. With the success of more and more projects, it is easier for customers to recognize and understand the value provided by all parties, so that they can produce some goods by themselves (such as labels and even readers)

Guan Tao

Shanghai Huahong has been tracking and studying RFID for many years, and has also launched a series of chip products for the domestic application market. As a chip supplier, we certainly hope that other links of the RFID industry chain can be efficient. We hope that domestic suppliers of antennas, packaging materials, reading and writing machines, system integration and other links can continue to increase the investment and cultivation of RFID, and get returns from the growing domestic and foreign markets in the future

Tang Sheng

we believe that the industrial chain is not very complete in China, and we should adopt the policy of the government and large enterprises jointly formulating standards, and large enterprises and customers jointly studying and cooperating in the implementation of large projects. Only driven by projects and demands can the corresponding industries be promoted rapidly

Liu Yifei

China's electronic label technology is brewing to form a huge industrial chain, including standard formulation, chip design, label packaging (including antenna design), identification system (card reading machine) design and manufacturing, system integration and data management software platform, and extensive application development

from the perspective of RFID itself, it is urgent to formulate our own national standards, which we call the core factor. Secondly, cost is the main factor restricting the development of RFID in China, which we call the bottleneck factor. The characteristics of RFID require that the whole industrial chain must develop synchronously, and it is difficult to keep up with one of the key links and reduce the cost

at present, Fudan Microelectronics is the first in China to successfully develop a long-distance, UHF RFID chip and reader writer system solution with completely independent intellectual property rights, which marks a key first step in the localization of RFID UHF products in China. At present, we are organizing the establishment of the first RFID packaging enterprise in China, which means that from chip design to the manufacture of electronic labels, the finished products will soon be industrialized. We expect that in 2005, the first UHF electronic label of China will be produced by Fudan Microelectronics and its partners. Fudan Microelectronics is committed to mass producing similar products with a price of only one-third of that of foreign products, so as to break the monopoly of foreign products on the Chinese market, make Chinese RFID products jump into the "Chinese core", and gradually enter the international market

Wang Dong

rfid electronic tag industry chain has the characteristics of high technology. The RFID industry chain mainly includes the following seven technical aspects: standard formulation, chip design and manufacturing technology, antenna design and manufacturing technology, chip packaging technology, read-write equipment development and production technology, system integration and data management software platform, application system development, etc. China should break through the key technologies of the electronic label industry chain as soon as possible and form an electronic label industry chain that is as heat-resistant, chemical resistant and heat shock resistant as ceramic 1

(1) formulation of standards

formulate China's RFID frequency band standards and coding standards as soon as possible, and draft a series of application standards, including product identification, animal identification, anti-counterfeiting electronic labels, electronic label readers and writers

(2) chip design and manufacturing technology

develop high-frequency and ultra-high frequency low-cost label chip products with China's independent intellectual property rights, and form a mass production scale

(3) antenna design and manufacturing technology

adopt high-speed electroplating technology and conductor ink printing production process to develop various antenna products that meet different applications

(4) chip packaging technology

on the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technologies such as fluid self packaging and vibration packaging, establish a chip packaging pipeline with low-cost labels

(5) development and production technology of reading and writing equipment

develop low-cost handheld readers and writers that can interpret multiple frequencies and do not interfere with each other, so as to achieve mass production scale

(6) system integration and data management software platform

develop the electronic label application system middleware to form the electronic label application system integration scheme

(7) application system development

application demonstration is a very important link. In the application process, we can find the imperfections of technology and the areas that need to be supplemented by laws and regulations. Only through such application demonstration, improve the reliability, and then gradually reduce the cost of RFID, can it be popularized and applied in a wider range

we should take the key year-on-year promotion 27.73 technology of electronic label application as a breakthrough, establish an electronic label application demonstration park, and promote the application of electronic label technology in modern logistics, manufacturing, security certification and anti-counterfeiting, container customs clearance and transportation management and other fields. Develop a series of products with independent intellectual property rights to form a relatively perfect smart label industry chain

Dong Xuegeng

can have two paths in parallel. For specific regions, industries and enterprises, the protection of the grinder is mainly divided into three levels: ordinary protection, and protection and level 2 protection, which should be selected according to their own conditions. The first way is to break through a certain link. Judging from the situation of the whole industry, we have a large gap in chips, middleware, background software, etc., which makes it difficult to compete with the international giants with a variety of universal experimental machines on the market at present. The wise choice can be to find a certain breakthrough point in other links, such as packaging, reader writer, system integration, etc. With the help of China, a large application market, we can develop ourselves rapidly, but we can't be limited to this. The vitality of a single breakthrough lies in being an international player in this link, so that we can be qualified to form a strategic alliance with other links in the industrial chain and become a strong player in the value chain

the second path, integrated breakthrough. Chips and software are the weakness of China's electronic information industry and the field strongly supported by the government's industrial policies. The development of RFID industry is a great opportunity for China to seek breakthroughs in the field of chips and software. With government support, we can actively explore the integration breakthrough of China's RFID industry chain. For example, Chinese citizens will begin to use RFID ID cards in the future, which means that more than 1 billion RFID enabled cards are needed. This is definitely an opportunity for Chinese enterprises

According to the above division, different target markets correspond to different application needs, resulting in different links in the industrial chain

facing the logistics field, the RFID industry chain includes hardware, middleware, application software, system integration, consulting services, interconnection analysis, etc. In the field of non logistics, the industrial chain should be simpler. In different links, China's industrial maturity is different. In my personal opinion, in terms of core chip technology, foreign countries have talent advantages and first mover advantages. We don't have to compete with them. We might as well adopt the strategy of cooperation. In terms of complete machine equipment and label technology, domestic enterprises should give play to their advantages of being close to the market and understanding demand, and quickly establish their own competitive advantages in the early stage of the formation of the industry

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