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interpretation of Haier 477 liter refrigerator BCD

this Haier 477 liter refrigerator bcd-477wdpcu1 is a popular new refrigerator of Haier. It has double frequency conversion, air cooling and frost free, sterilization function, cross door style, dry and wet storage, and shares views on planting grass in a certain East for a period of time:

I. Haier refrigerator bcd-477wdpcu1 experience:

1 Haier bcd-477wdpcu1477l is air-cooled and frost free, with vertical display and intelligent WiFi, which is operable

2. Appearance: Moonlight silver appearance, cross door, anti oil smoke, corrosion resistance, easy to take care of, 666mm thin body, just can be put down, 831mm waist line, very good-looking, with vertical display and WiFi only, very convenient

3. Refrigeration effect: double frequency conversion air cooling, frost free, level 2 energy efficiency, low sound, low power consumption, and good refrigeration effect

4. Fresh keeping effect: air cooled and frost free, oxygen resistant dry and wet storage, tea, vegetables, fruits and meat can be stored separately, good zoning design, equipped with T. abt sterilization, better insurance effect, as the only provincial "urban mineral" demonstration base in our city

5. Capacity size: 477l large capacity, five zone storage, super satisfied

6. Turn to regular users' comments to see if there are many faults in normal use

II. Haier refrigerator bcd-477wdpcu1 configuration parameters:

Product Name: Haier bcd-477wdpcu1

1. The appearance of the refrigerator is very large and high-grade. The color of dark silver gray should be the most practical four door refrigerator. Haier started as a professional refrigerator, and the quality should not be poor. The refrigeration effect is good. The refrigeration intelligence is 5 degrees, and the refrigeration intelligence is minus 18 degrees. The fresh-keeping effect is good. I like the large refrigerator best. There are many things to refrigerate in summer. The freezing division is reasonable. Cost effective, value for money

2. Appearance 4. Open the door, very atmospheric, very quiet, especially good. Make and release the pendulum to make it land and interrupt the sample. The cold effect is also very good. I like it very much and it is worth the money. Add color to the kitchen. Haier freezers, refrigeration experts, great, buy freezers buy Haier, buy at ease, use at ease, my daughter-in-law praised me that I can buy things, but also introduced me to the object, full of joy

3. The appearance is atmospheric, the packaging is tight, the storage space is large, and there are wheels under it. It is very convenient to move, the noise is very small, the design is reasonable, and it is economical and applicable

4. Turn to more users to comment on the details of advantages and disadvantages

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