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The application of oscillograph in the field of education

a large proportion of instruments and meters are applied to the field of education, most of which are measuring instruments, such as the familiar oscillograph, multimeter and so on. According to the survey, the testing instrument market has been increasing year by year since 2003

in the latest industry, the author found such a title: pops detection: creating a large market for the detection instrument industry. The article points out that the detection of POPs brings new challenges to analytical instruments. Although the detection of POPs mentioned in it is mostly used in the chemical industry and environmental science market, the optimistic attitude of domestic and foreign manufacturers towards China's testing instrument market reflected in it is worthy of our attention. Many instrument manufacturers believe that China is a big market with great potential. China's test instrument market has maintained double-digit growth. The Chinese government's attention to the development of the test instrument market has stimulated manufacturers' confidence in this market, and also formed a situation of contention among hundreds of manufacturers

take the test instruments used in the education market for example, oscilloscope is a necessary measurement tool in the basic laboratory, and it is also the instrument with the largest amount of configuration. Colleges and universities have a huge demand for oscilloscopes. A few years ago, oscilloscopes were the most purchased for the world bank loan project for the construction of university laboratories

colleges and universities have two kinds of needs for oscilloscopes, medium and low-end oscilloscopes for teaching laboratories and medium and high-end oscilloscopes for scientific research. In order to compete for this vast market, many manufacturers have joined the ranks of dividing the cake, not only carrying out a vertical product battle among brands, but also many brands have established multiple product lines, trying to occupy a place in the medium, high and low-end market

in the digital era, a large number of mixed digital and analog technologies are applied. Mixed signal oscilloscopes are the development trend of social technology in test tools, so schools should train students to be familiar with such test tools. RIGOL launched ds1000cd series products in 2006. So far, this series of products is the only product with 16 channel logic analyzer in the world's low-end oscilloscopes, It is very suitable for the current teaching needs of schools. Now, many famous colleges and universities have cooperated with RIGOL to establish joint laboratories in order to further promote the application of mixed signal oscilloscope in teaching

college teaching laboratories and scientific research laboratories have completely different requirements for oscilloscopes. For teaching laboratories, Agilent mainly provides dso3000 Series Oscilloscopes with lower prices, which provide some unique functions to make students familiar with more technologies, such as dso3000 supporting DSP filtering technology and pass/fail test function; For scientific research laboratories, they provide low-cost and high-performance oscilloscopes. For example, in addition to the mixed plastic signal oscilloscopes with 1GHz, 500MHz and 350MHz bandwidths, they also provide low-cost mixed signal oscilloscopes with 100MHz bandwidths, which are convenient for SCM, FPGA and other occasions that need to test mixed signals, and support a series of oscilloscopes for vector signal analysis

use the standard test software in the field of wireless testing. 8 don't ignore the importance of the accessories of the experimental machine 9601. Test and analyze various wireless signals. A series of oscilloscopes that support the analysis of power signals. Agilent brings the power automatic test software to non wind and plans to reduce the annual output of hydrofluorocarbon materials with high global warming potential by 50% by 2020. The oscilloscopes of ows platform greatly reduce the cost

as the creator of oscillograph, American tech company has also coveted the college market for a long time

for high-end applications developed by colleges and universities, they can provide a complete high-speed serial technology test platform, a unique digital RF technology test platform and a comprehensive embedded system technology test platform. The products mainly include high-speed oscilloscope, high-speed signal source, powerful logic analyzer, unique real-time spectrum analyzer and comprehensive connection probe scheme and software scheme. For the middle and low-end applications of teaching, tech provides a simple and easy-to-use mixed signal test platform, such as the mixed oscilloscope MSO4000 series with a bandwidth of up to 1GHz, which provides a sampling rate of up to 5gs/s and a sampling point of 10m; At the same time, it supports a variety of Low-speed serial bus standards

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