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Interpretation: how to refine Zoomlion's "all-round champion"

interpretation: how to refine Zoomlion's "all-round champion"

China Construction machinery information

Guide: as of September 3, the first half report of Listed Companies in China's construction machinery industry has been released. Zoomlion's outstanding performance once again attracted great attention. In the first half of the year, the company achieved a total operating income of 29.120 billion yuan, an operating profit of 6.803 billion yuan, and a net profit attributable to listed companies of 5.622 billion yuan, respectively, compared with the previous

as of September 3, the first half report of Listed Companies in China's construction machinery industry has been released. Zoomlion's outstanding performance once again attracted great attention. The company achieved total operating income in the first half of the year. 2 all problems in China are interrelated, with an operating profit of 6.803 billion yuan and a net profit attributable to listed companies of 5.622 billion yuan, an increase of 20.59%, 26.61% and 21.47% respectively over the same period last year. Not only the growth rate of major indicators is ahead of that of listed companies, but also the net profit has exceeded that of Sany for the first time since 2009, when this kind of mechanical and electrical machinery adopted analog signal control. While becoming the biggest winner in the industry, the title of "all-round champion" also inadvertently fell to Zoomlion. How did the all-round champion become

the energy of the all-round champion

in the face of beautiful performance reports, the public's delay, combined with concerns such as shed renovation and earthquake resistant housing projects, has not been eliminated. Yin Zhengfu, senior president of Zoomlion, told: the breadth of products and services we can provide has helped us achieve record performance in the uncertainty of economic contraction. Construction machinery is usually divided into 14 categories according to its function. Zoomlion currently produces 13 categories, 86 series and more than 800 varieties of products. It is the enterprise with the most complete categories in the construction machinery industry, and its product line is even longer than that of caterpillar. They adopt the strategy of "protecting the long and making up for the short" to continuously expand the product line, and lengthen the short board to catch up with or surpass the rivals while maintaining the lead in the long term. In order to lengthen the short board of earth moving machinery, Zoomlion, based on the acquisition of Shaanxi xinhuanggong in 2008, integrated Shanghai branch and Shanghai earth moving machinery R & D center to establish Zoomlion earth moving machinery company, and then invested 1.16 billion yuan to build Weinan Industrial Park, which mainly focuses on R & D and production of excavators. Now it has become a new economic growth point of the company. In the situation of large-scale decline in the construction machinery industry in the first half of the year, some market segments, such as concrete machinery, tower crane and earth moving machinery, have rebounded due to the acceleration of urbanization in third and fourth tier cities. Zoomlion's rich product lines have played an effect of "the East is not bright, the west is bright" in this complex situation. The main business income of concrete machinery and earth moving machinery increased by 51.8% and 96.5% respectively over the same period last year

technological innovation supports development

the perfect technological innovation system and the continuous positive energy delivered by this system provide support for the steady and healthy development of Zoomlion. The company has a national enterprise technology center, a national postdoctoral workstation, the industry's only State Key Laboratory of key construction machinery technology, the national concrete machinery engineering technology research center, and the national urban public equipment technology research institute, with nearly 7000 R & D personnel. In addition to Changsha Research Institute, it also has R & D branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Shenyang, Italy, Britain and other places. The scientific research funds invested by the company account for more than 5% of the operating income every year

in recent years, the company has been in the general situation of international competition. Through in-depth cooperation with Italian CIFA company, it has developed world-class products such as 80m carbon fiber boom pump truck by using carbon fiber technology, occupying the commanding height of pump truck technology. By buying out the technology of JOST flat head Tower series products in Germany, the tower crane technology has achieved a leap from China's leading to the international leading. By moving the Secretariat of the crane technical committee of the international organization for Standardization (iso/tc96) to our company, we will further enhance the voice of enterprise technology and standards. Focusing on the research and development of core technologies and core products, they actively carried out the development of common technologies, key components and global leading products through the implementation of blue No. 1 and No. 2 plans, and made a series of major breakthroughs. For example, the super large tonnage crawler crane with the strongest lifting capacity in the world, the world's longest 5-bridge 63 meter steel boom pump truck produced by the new generation of composite 6-SECTION boom technology, the first double bin dry mixed mortar special packaging machine, ze1250e large tonnage crawler hydraulic excavator and other new products have all reserved kinetic energy for the development of enterprises

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