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Interpretation of Li Ka Shing's frequent large asset movements (Figure)

interpretation of Li Ka Shing's frequent large asset movements (Figure)

November 6, 2013

[China paint information] at the Georgia Institute of technology in Hong Kong, scholars first reported the utilization of vertically arranged functionalized multilayer graphene three-dimensional structure in thermal interface materials, as well as its ultra-high thermal conductivity and ultra-low interface thermal resistance moments, Li Ka Shing's frequent asset relocation naturally caused various speculations. Some commentators believed that Li Ka Shing was "short selling China" and "leaving Asia and entering Europe", because Li Ka Shing saw the changes in the political atmosphere in Hong Kong and the uncertainty of mainland politics and policies, so he transferred his assets to a safer area to prepare for the final wealth handover. Some commentators believe that this is just Li Ka Shing's business ability to show his global allocation of resources. The asset foam in the mainland and Hong Kong is serious, while the asset prices in Europe are relatively low. By selling high and buying low, Li Ka Shing is achieving another leap in his wealth empire

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interpret Li Ka Shing's frequent large asset movements

these two explanations have their own reasons, but the real and accurate motivation, I'm afraid, can only be known by the core circle around Li Ka Shing, and outsiders are just guessing and echoing. However, various guesses themselves reflect popular social cognition, so they have the value of independent storage. 5. Spend less during use

the author has noticed Li Ka Shing's words and deeds (but there is no research). A more moderate guess is that Li Ka Shing's dazzling business operation will not follow only one logic. As the helmsman of a business empire, seeing business opportunities is like a hunter's delight. He naturally wants to start, so business logic is naturally an important driving force. However, with Li's huge business empire, he plays a decisive role in the Chinese political circle (he has been rated as the most influential figure in Asia by political and economic magazines for many times), and political logic must also be an important consideration for Li

Li Ka Shing cannot escape politics like some small businessmen, nor can he bet on a politician like some small businessmen. His multi-level and cross regional business interests require him to analyze social and national risks, watch the political climate, evaluate political trends, place safe bets in different political compasses, do a good job in risk hedging mechanisms, and guide political rules to serve business, Make sure his business empire doesn't hit the political iceberg. It is this combination of extraordinary business talent and political wisdom that makes Li Ka Shing turn his luck into good, proud of the Jianghu and become a legend in Chinese business circles

Li Ka Shing's business and political operation ability does not need to be repeated, but if Li Ka Shing's success is only attributed to his personal ability, it is obviously one-sided. Hong Kong's fair and stable rule of law system, efficient and clean administrative system, highly free economy, and unique regional advantages are the basis for Li Superman's achievements. These factors are the chassis of Li Ka Shing's business empire and the institutional foundation of Hong Kong's economic prosperity

this institutional foundation gave birth to a rich class represented by Li Ka Shing, which is similar to the Li Ka Shing family. It ranks among the top ten Hong Kong rich groups in the 2013 Hong Kong rich list, including Li Zhaoji, Guo Bingjiang, Guo binglian family, Zheng Yutong family, Wu Guangzheng family, Liu Luanxiong, Feng Guojing, and Feng Guolun brothers, who have maintained long-term and stable wealth growth. Generally speaking, These rich groups maintain a moderately positive public image

based on this institutional background, Li Ka Shing's asset transfer process naturally has many characteristics that can be guessed by people. Li Ka Shing can take advantage of Hong Kong's international capital market, developed intermediary services, free and timely media information, calmly show his financial skills, efficiently combine and split assets, and move his assets back and forth between the mainland, Hong Kong and Europe. These operations do not need any administrative permission, and do not need to be subject to the face of any bureaucracy. Even if Li Ka Shing's real motivation is dissatisfaction with the prospects of Hong Kong's political system, so he voted to leave Asia and enter Europe with his feet, this process can also be elegant and easy, and it looks like a completely normal business behavior on the surface

as a comparison, the situation of Li Ka Shing's mainland counterparts is obviously different

the economic development of the mainland for more than 30 years has also created many super rich, and various versions of the wealth list are quite eye-catching. However, the stereotype formed by the public is that this wealth accumulation process is full of all kinds of gray transactions, and the rich have to bear the moral pressure of "original sin". On the other hand, in the process of blending and colliding with power, the wealth and personal freedom of the rich are often in danger. When they have to vote with their feet to avoid risks, it is often a panic process

Mu Qizhong, who is not well known by the public today, is the first entrepreneur to win the title of the richest man. His vision, pattern and imagination seem to be beyond anyone. Many commentators who understand Mu Qizhong will sigh that if the economic environment is more standardized and friendly, with Mu Qizhong's talent, he may not be able to become the mainland version of Li Ka Shing. But mu Zhongzhong's ultimate fate is to be imprisoned. He is still serving his sentence in a prison in Wuhan. Only his sporadic legends are left in the Jianghu

like mu Zhongzhong, a long list of rich people who have experienced brilliant and rapid annihilation can be listed at random. Yang Bin, Yangrong, Tang Wanxin, Huang Guangyu, Zhou Zhengyi, Zhang Rongkun, Xu Ming and so on are the most famous ones. The track of the fall of these rich people is the best annotation of the abnormal and dangerous market environment. Among them, the story of Yangrong is particularly tragic. He once ranked third on the Forbes rich list in terms of construction projects (■ new, reconstruction and expansion), and was a famous figure in the automotive industry at that time. However, he soon fell into a property rights conflict with the Liaoning government. Facing the strength of the local government, all kinds of public relations and judicial relief ultimately failed. Yangrong finally chose to vote with his feet and left the United States. Now in prison, Bo Xilai was once one of Yangrong's main rivals

Li Ka Shing's behavior undoubtedly plays an important role as a weathervane for the rich in the mainland. Mr. Wang Shi once warned his mainland counterparts to pay attention to this signal through Weibo, but many entrepreneurs often make the mistake of situational confusion when understanding Li Ka Shing's behavior, forgetting that the mainland and Hong Kong are actually in two completely different situations

Zong Fuli is the daughter of zongqinghou, the former richest man in the mainland, and the successor of Wahaha Group. She is probably tired of dealing with government agencies. When zongfuli responded on a certain occasion, her instinctive reaction was, "Li Ka Shing has moved out, why can't I move out in the future?" Miss Zong's frankness and confidence are appreciated. Only from the comparison of wealth figures, the wealth of the Zong family is not far from that of Li Ka Shing, but miss Zong is obviously not fully aware of the huge difference between the two business environments in choosing a level 1 experimental machine for general material experiments

in fact, high-quality enterprises such as Wahaha could not go public at that time. How easy is it to move the huge Wahaha Group out of China? If Wahaha is ready to leave China, it is foreseeable that the fatherly government will change its face rapidly, and the existing preferential tax policies will soon become an insurmountable gap. Even if Zong's father and daughter cash out by selling equity, they will face a lot of uncertainty. When Coca Cola bought Huiyuan Juice, it was on the verge of failure because of the intervention of the Ministry of Commerce. The sale process of Jiangsu XCMG group also shows that national sentiment and competitors can build various reefs at any time

therefore, for those ordinary middle class who choose to immigrate, "voting with their feet" may still be a cumbersome problem, while for the super rich, the process of "voting with their feet" is like passing through a minefield, and national emotions and various political torture will torture the process of asset transfer as a shadow. Writing here, I think of the various discussions on the relationship between businessmen and politics triggered by Liu Chuanzhi's warning of "business is business". If compared with the actual situation, this warning is either ulterior motives or self deception. In the current tight political space, the luxury of "business in business" is beyond the consumption of the mainland's rich,. In this sense, Li Ka Shing has an irreplaceable big card than his mainland counterparts, which allows him to perfectly bridge business logic and political considerations

however, due to historical reasons, Hong Kong's political system is moving forward, and the institutional tension of the mainland is also accumulating. In the future, the fate of Hong Kong and the mainland will be more intertwined. Li Ka Shing and the mainland's rich will have to face an increasingly converging situation. How business logic and political logic unfold and how they shape each other will be a more wonderful story

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