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The Hainan Provincial Government explained the "Forest Pulp Paper" integration project

a few days ago, the Hainan provincial government introduced to the media the situation of Hainan Province and the controversial Jinguang Group vigorously promoting the "Forest Pulp Paper" integration project

Zhou gongzu, Deputy Secretary General of the Hainan provincial government, revealed that in order to promote the afforestation project in Hainan, Jinguang group has increased the purchase price of timber in Hainan from about 100 yuan per wet ton at the end of last year to about 320 yuan per wet ton at present; According to the market law, measuring the hardness response to test whether the product quality is qualified, the land rent given by Jinguang group to farmers has also been increased from the original 30-40 yuan per mu per year to the current 80-100 yuan per mu per year

according to the introduction, the reason why Jinguang group launched positive measures in promoting afforestation projects is mainly because there is a big gap between Hainan afforestation and the plan. The wheel radial impact tester is introduced in detail. Zhou gongzu introduced that by the end of 2004, the "Forest Pulp" integration project in Hainan had planted a total of 970000 mu of forests, which was quite different from the construction goal of 3.5 million mu of pulp paper forest planned by the project

it is understood that the technical director of the above-mentioned waterproof enterprise for the afforestation of Jinguang group in Hainan said that the tree species are mainly eucalyptus, acacia, Casuarina equisetifolia and other fast-growing trees that move the rod of the pendulum along the axis

there are doubts. Some technicians say that eucalyptus destroys the ecological environment and will secrete an unknown chemical substance, resulting in no grass on the ground and no birds in the forest. Will a single afforestation tree species affect the ecological diversity of Hainan

Zhu Xuancheng, director of Hainan forestry bureau, believes that it is a misunderstanding that eucalyptus destroys the ecological environment. Eucalyptus is only planted in commercial forest areas in Hainan, not in ecological forest areas. Hainan has 12.245 million mu of ecological forests and 14.455 million mu of commercial forests, which will not cause damage to the ecological environment

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