Application of machining strategy manager

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Application of machining strategy manager

premise: 1. Master the application of various machining methods of Edgecam. Familiar with machining process

2. Correctly install the English version of Edgecam software and have the use authorization of corresponding modules

location of the model file described in this tutorial:

Edgecam/CAM/example/examples/stra pilot construction will help improve the demand for various products that meet the climatic conditions and traffic loads. The steps of opening the file: plate granite f

making and applying the strategy manager are as follows:

1. First, prepare the tool path according to the processing requirements of the parts and the standard processing technology, Here, we only need to complete the machining process of a typical hole by using the hole group machining method according to the found characteristics

then, output the contents of the hole group processing process as follows:

in the browser, select the contents to be output, press the right mouse button, and select the output process command in the pop-up shortcut menu. See the figure below:

note: there is no visible action at this time, which is similar to the operation of saving files

2. Start the processing strategy manager (note that the command is in the design mode, entity toolbar or menu)

select the new processing strategy command and enter the following interface:

in the processes browser, press the right mouse button, select the paste command, paste the process just output here, and you can see an icon representing the process

click the "+" sign in front of the process name to see the contents of the process like opening the group processing command. The content in the process seen at this time is consistent with the content in the operation browser in the processing mode, which is generally not easy to encounter difficulties, but here the name rather than the icon is used to represent the processing process. Click any processing content and you can see that there are some parameters in it. These parameters are actually the parameters set in our reprocessing method

for example, the contents in the cutting depth in the drilling operation are the same as those in the machining parameter dialog box. However, only the name is displayed instead of the dialog box:

3. In the same way, other typical machining processes can be output and pasted into the machining strategy manager. In order to distinguish these processes, these processes can be renamed


to rename the process in the pop-up menu

2. The same typical processing process does not need to be input repeatedly. For example, for hole processing, we can only input one here. All holes are processed according to this process. Unless different processing methods are required, other processes need to be established

drag the "process" in the process browser to the work area, click the process in the process browser with the left mouse button to select it, and then drag it to the work area with the left mouse button. Only one process can be dragged to the work area at a time, so you need to drag the processes to the work area one by one

in the work area, each process is called "node". Connect these nodes to form a flow chart. The connection method is as follows:

Press and hold the right mouse button at the beginning of the connection, drag the mouse to the target position, and then release the right mouse button

4. Connect the processes as follows:

5. Establish the abort node

as a flow light collector and invisibility cloak, it needs to have start and end signs. The start node exists when creating a new strategy, and the end node needs to be established by itself. The method is as follows:


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