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During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry is facing new opportunities: the national power investment of 1.5 trillion yuan is used for the construction and intelligent transformation of intelligent power and medium power, which ensures the steady growth of low-voltage electrical appliances; National strategic emerging industries will form a basic pattern of healthy development and coordinated promotion by 2015. By 2020, their added value will account for about 15% of GDP, bringing huge development opportunities to low-voltage appliances, especially medium and high-end products; During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the construction target of 36 million affordable housing units provides a good market space for cost-effective low-voltage electrical products

At the same time, we should be more aware of the current situation of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry: in the international market, the economic recovery of the United States is unknown, the euro area is deeply in the debt crisis, and the serious inflation in developing countries has led to the depression of China's international market of low-voltage electrical appliances and a huge impact on exports. In the domestic market, as the largest industrial user of low-voltage electrical appliances, the growth rate of real estate has slowed down significantly under the strict macro-control of the state, which has an extremely adverse impact on the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. From the perspective of the industry itself, most low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises take the low-end extensive route, lack of core technology, coupled with the rise of material costs and labor costs, the competition gives priority to low prices, resulting in the deep price red sea war of the whole industry

How can low-voltage electrical appliances break through the international and domestic battlefields

in the face of challenges, how can the low-voltage electrical appliance industry break through and ride the international and domestic battlefields? First of all, we should make it clear that the competition of modern enterprises has gone far beyond the scope of products, technology and other competition, and upgraded to new industrial chain competition including raw material procurement, product R & D and design, manufacturing and packaging, warehousing and transportation, brand marketing and so on. Therefore, in order to break through the encirclement of low-voltage electrical appliances, in addition to the R & D and upgrading of product core technology, brand packaging and product image design are imminent

Insiders pointed out that most domestic low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises lack their own core technology and seriously do not pay enough attention to brand building and product image design. They almost become processing factories. In order to survive, price wars among enterprises occur one after another, which has become a stumbling block to the healthy and sound development of the industry. Fortunately, many brands are trying to find new ways to break through and enhance the core competitiveness of brands and products with design. In particular, jialantu design has successfully cooperated with low-voltage electrical appliance brand NOAK, which has set a good example for the whole low-voltage electrical appliance industry

The design of low-voltage electrical appliances has helped LANYA achieve the title of

> and many of its peers have competed with Nuolan. It is reported that in order to create the high-end brand image of NOAK and improve the core competitiveness of the brand, galantu has participated in the whole process from brand planning to product design and then to product marketing. Ruoya is responsible for the input of the high-end power meter in the front of the international power meter, and ruoya is responsible for the destruction of the power meter pole, which leads to a significant increase in the market share of the international power meter. In addition to its excellent performance in the market, the product also won the German red dot award in 2010

in fact, as a leading industrial design consulting company in China, jialantu design has a professional team composed of many top designers, technical experts, analysts and planners to provide customers with comprehensive solutions with brand and product competitiveness as the core. Its business covers the whole process of product innovation, such as market and user research, brand and product planning, product design, industrialization of design results and so on

the frame circuit breaker cooperated by galantu and benod has been intensively cultivated for more than ten years. Galantu has a deep understanding of the development trend, products and processes of the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. Through the innovation of product materials and processes, galantu can change the previous clumsy, crude and low-end product image and improve the intelligence and high-tech sense of products. With strong brand influence, jialantu realizes the all-round packaging from products to brands for low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises. This service mode is more suitable for the actual needs of low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises, and it is also an effective way to truly and fundamentally improve the brand value

it is reported that the low-voltage electrical appliance brands that have cooperated with galantu include Chint, noyak, Tianzheng, Delixi, people's electric appliance, Long March, Taiyong, Garcia and other domestic first-line brands. Industry insiders believe that the continuous improvement of brand value and competitiveness of large domestic low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises is inseparable from the cooperation with design. These enterprises have found the value of design from a forward-looking perspective, made full use of the value of design, and injected vitality into the innovation of the brand so as to effectively and accurately control the dose of epoxy raw materials before injecting the mixture into the mold. Low voltage electrical appliance enterprises deeply trapped in the red sea of price war should clearly recognize their own shortcomings and pay attention to the important role of design in brand strategy

low price strategy is undoubtedly the fatal weakness of various industries. Such a competitive model can only form a vicious circle and damage the healthy and sound development of the industry. Therefore, paying attention to the power of design, creating a high-end image of brands and products, enhancing the core competitiveness of brands with the help of design, and opening up a blue ocean of high-end industries may become an effective breakthrough for low-voltage electrical appliance enterprises

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