The operation of the new insulation monitoring rel

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Pirci new insulation monitoring relay PMD S20 is easier and more convenient to operate

it is also harmful to eyesight. PMD S20 is a new member of pirci electronic monitoring series relays. Its biggest advantage is that it can easily set all parameter values through the knob, and all parameters can be stored in the chip card. For the user, the data in PMD S20 can be transmitted with other devices flexibly

pmd S20 monitors the electronic safety of insulated power supply, which can be applied to a variety of industries, such as operating room, offshore installation or electroplating industry, to prevent power failure caused by circuit short circuit

insulation monitoring relay pmd11, selection of various experimental curves: force displacement, force time, force deformation, stress strain, etc. S20 can easily and reliably monitor the insulation impedance of AC/DC systems without grounding wires. Since the independent power supply voltage is adopted, the power loss system can also be monitored

two relays and analog input module can freely switch between power on and power off modes. Spring clamped terminals facilitate quick assembly without the use of external tools. Through the rotary encoder with key function, all parameters can be set simply and safely, so the installation and commissioning time can be greatly saved, and efficient and painless drug administration can be achieved; Medical beauty micro needle roller developed

parameter setting supports menu type text display and provides user-friendly fault diagnosis. All parameter values can be set, demonstrated and called through text boxes. The real-time measured value of insulation impedance can also be displayed on the display screen. Once the parameter values are generated, they are stored in the chip card. This will greatly save the time and workload in the commissioning phase. All setting elements have been protected by the cover plate, which can prevent unauthorized access, so it can provide a higher level of protection against misoperation

insulation monitoring relay PMD S20 has a variety of power options, so it is widely used

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as a well-known enterprise in the field of security automation, pilci has 24 subsidiaries and numerous partners around the world, and more than 1400 employees around the world, providing localized services for customers. After more than 60 years of development, pirci has formed a very rich product series, including safety sensing technology, electronic monitoring relay, safety relay, programmable safety control system, operation and monitoring series, safety bus system, etc. We can rest assured that our products can provide highly targeted security solutions according to the specific needs of customers. In addition, the safety service business launched by pirci, including a variety of training courses, consulting and engineering, with years of experience in the field of safety automation, provides customers with highly competitive services, from factory assessment, risk assessment, system implementation to safety identification, to help customers easily obtain mechanical safety in the most professional way

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