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[] towards the end of the year, decoration workers are about to enter the countdown to returning home. Many brand home decoration companies have begun to plan the manpower preparation for the resumption of work and the commencement of new houses after the year, because from the spring, a designer and a project manager may have to be responsible for several construction sites at the same time. When March enters a peak, workers will be in a state of tension. Owners who are still in the process of decoration or consulting the design scheme should also finish the design or project finishing work before the year, so as to prepare for the smooth commencement of the next year, Let the decoration quality be more guaranteed. Brand home improvement project managers suggest that owners focus on the following cross year projects

■ completion of the new year project: the owner purchases main materials from himself and completes the door closure registration when entering the site.

according to the person in charge of the Engineering Department of Yuanzhou decoration company, according to the normal situation, the shutdown site should be sealed, and the project manager, workers and the owner should jointly unseal it when returning to work. The project manager will call the owner 1-3 days before returning to work to agree on the opening time. Then it will confirm the progress of the project, check the site conditions and count the items on site according to the cross year project closure record form. Generally, the cross year project closure record form has three columns: project progress, closure and remarks. In the column of project progress, there are five types of work: wood, tile, oil, water and electricity, and the words of commencement, foundation, closure and completion behind each type of work indicate the progress of the project. The owner can confirm the project progress according to the filling situation before the year and the introduction of the project manager

if the current project progress is slow, the actual construction period will be longer than that agreed in the contract. The owner who is eager to move in should communicate with the project manager and workers to speed up the construction speed by increasing manpower and time without affecting the project quality. If the current project progress is normal, the project manager shall timely inform the owner of the construction suspension, commencement time and resumption arrangement before and after the Chinese New Year. The person said that after determining the progress of the project, the next thing to do is to check the site conditions, including the use of water, electricity and gas, whether the doors and windows are intact and whether the finished products are properly protected

during shutdown, the items stored on the construction site mainly include: materials provided by the company, materials purchased by the owner and workers' working tools. Decoration companies usually stack these three types of materials separately. The owner can check them one by one according to the remarks column of the cross year project door closure record form filled in before the year

■ make an agreement in advance for the resumption of work: redo the on-site disclosure and free repair construction at the beginning of the year.

Zhao Jingang, the person in charge of decoration of the terminator, said that due to long-term shutdown, no maintenance on the site, and the dry weather in winter, the walls, light steel keel partitions, light steel dragon bone ceilings and wood works constructed before the year may crack and deform due to the evaporation of water. Before work stoppage, responsible decoration companies generally require workers to carry out corresponding treatment, such as brushing a layer of sealing primer on the surface of wood works to avoid evaporation of water. In order to make the decoration perfect, it is suggested that the owner carefully check the wall, ceiling and wood works constructed before the year, record the problems one by one, and report the situation to the decoration company in time, so that they can repair the engineering problems free of charge in time





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