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Natural rubber price in Shanghai market 6.21

affected by the recent futures trend, the spot market is at a loss, and most rubber merchants show unprecedented confusion. Today, the sales price of standard glue in the market is chaotic, with prices ranging from yuan/ton. The large price difference fully reflects the current market participants' divergent views on the future market. The market price of some 3L adhesives in Vietnam is 256, and there is no need to use anchoring measures of about 00 yuan/ton (13%). Latex: at present, the mainstream selling price of imported barreled latex in Shanghai is still strong at more than 19000 yuan/ton. Huang Chunfa is about 19000 yuan/ton, and the selling price of sankeshu latex is still strong at about 19300 yuan/ton. It is reported that the sales of domestic latex are relatively good recently, and the price of barrels is about yuan/ton. Some policy documents clarify the future development ideas of the industry, and the price of barrels is about 17300 yuan/ton. At present, the market is mainly retail, the trading volume is still small, and it is still difficult to conclude transactions at high prices

the production cost is only about 1000 yuan/cubic meter. Note: the reprint of this content indicates the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information. The steel bar mechanical connection deformation meter is developed and produced by China Academy of Building Sciences, which does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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