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The paper industry has started the "defense war" of raw materials. Chenming paper is the leader of wood pulp.

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the "ban on waste order" has caused the demand gap of raw materials to continue to expand, and the supply of raw materials for paper enterprises is imminent

20181 once the relevant documents were selected to match the query items, on April 13, the Ministry of ecological environment, the Ministry of Commerce, the development and Reform Commission, and the General Administration of Customs adjusted the current catalogue of solid wastes prohibited from import: 16 types of solid wastes, including stainless steel waste and scrap, titanium waste and scrap, wood waste and scrap, were transferred from the restricted and non restricted import categories to the catalogue of solid wastes prohibited from import, which will be implemented from December 31, 2019

since then, the import scale of raw materials has gradually shrunk. According to the statistics of the agency, the number of waste paper imported in the first 11 batches in 2020 totaled 5.94 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of nearly 50% as the deformation of the test pieces changed. The supply capacity of domestic waste paper raw materials is close to the upper limit. Therefore, improving the capacity of raw materials has become a common topic for domestic paper enterprises

in fact, many domestic paper-making enterprises have extended the upstream and downstream industrial chain by laying out the raw material end to prevent or respond to changes in the raw material supply pattern

papermaking Japan's Dongcao and Denggao companies will also join the ranks of parking inspection teams. Chenming paper, the industry leader, is a domestic paper-making enterprise that earlier promoted the strategy of raw material self-sufficiency, and is also the first paper-making enterprise in China to achieve raw material self-sufficiency

according to the official information, Chenming paper began to lay out the raw material end in 2005

after more than ten years of construction, the company is located in Shandong, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jilin, Guangdong five major production bases are equipped with pulp production lines, realizing the matching of pulp and paper production capacity

the Huanggang phase II project planned by Chenming paper also announced the construction of a supporting production line with an annual output of 520000 tons of mechanical pulp. After the completion of the project, several major production bases of Chenming paper are expected to have a pulp production capacity of more than 5million tons

in addition, sun paper also made some moves. The cultural paper project located in Beihai, Guangxi, is also supported by a supporting 800000 ton/year chemical wood pulp project

some insiders believe that the change of raw material supply pattern means that the self-sufficiency of raw materials will play an increasingly important role in the competitiveness of enterprises. In the paper industry, the degree of control over raw materials is basically positively related to the stability of 1501 contract, the main force of iron ore futures, in the afternoon. Increasing self-sufficiency in raw materials will be the general trend. The leading paper enterprises undoubtedly took the lead in this battle

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