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On behalf of China's paper industry, the paper institute participated in the 29th iso/tc6 conference: leading the drafting of international standards to promote the high-quality development of the industry

release date: Source: National Technical Committee for standardization of the paper industry

November 18 to November 22, the plenary meeting of the 29th ISO Technical Committee for paper, paperboard and pulp (iso/tc6) The plenary meeting of the sub Technical Committee on paper and paperboard (iso/tc6/sc2) and the meetings of working groups (WG) were held in Melbourne, Australia. More than 40 representatives from 12 countries, including Australia, China, the United States, Canada, Sweden, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand, and Japan, South Korea, Sri Lanka and other countries that must conduct regular inspection, attended the meeting. As the domestic counterpart of iso/tc6, the paper Institute of China light industry group sent a delegation to Australia to attend the meeting, and introduced the revision background, revision content and latest progress of the international standard project "paper, paperboard and pulp fiber composition analysis - Part 1: general method" (ISO), which was drafted and revised by China at the meeting of the pulp working group Lian Long's plan to invest 2billion Zhuhai in the anti-aging additives project for polymer materials (wg15). This is the first time that China's paper industry has led the drafting of international standards, and it is a key step taken by China's paper industry in the field of international standardization

at the iso/tc6/sc2 plenary meeting, through on-site voting, the review and revision plan of the standard atmosphere and its monitoring procedures for sample processing and testing (ISO 187:1990) proposed by the paper Institute on behalf of China was adopted, and finally a resolution was formed to determine the non project leader of the paper Institute; At the same time, a new working group "standard atmosphere (WG 46)" was established to manage the drafting of the standard, and Li Difei was appointed as the convener of the working group. This is the first time that China has assumed the responsibility of convener within the scope of iso/tc6, and it is also a new breakthrough in the international standardization work of China's paper industry

at the iso/tc6 plenary meeting, Li Difei of the paper institute, as the liaison of the "bamboo and rattan Technical Committee (tc/296)", reported on the developments of tc/296 standard projects in the past year; On behalf of China, Lu Weijun of the paper industry research institute extended an invitation to experts from all over the world to welcome you to participate in the iso/tc6 annual conference hosted by China and hosted by the paper industry research institute in 2021

△ (picture: group photo of conference representatives (first); Li Difei (bottom left) and Lu Weijun (bottom right) spoke at the conference)

this conference, China's paper industry has completed a major transformation from tracking international standard information to substantive participation in international standardization, further improving the voice of China's paper industry in the field of international standards

in the next step, the paper institute will pay close attention to the drafting of two international standard projects, and do a good job in the preparation of the iso/tc6 annual meeting, so that more countries can have an in-depth understanding of China's paper industry and the paper institute, so as to lay a solid foundation for future international cooperation

it is understood that the paper institute has also undertaken the Ministry of industry and information technology's industrial energy conservation and green standardization research project "Research on key technical standards for energy conservation in the field of consumer goods" and the sub project "Research on technical standards for product production process quality measurement and improvement" of the key special project "research and application of common technologies in the national quality foundation". The number of employees reaches 25000. The preparation and revision of these standards will guide enterprises to monitor the whole production process and further improve the quality and safety of household paper and paper products

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