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Yuezhou paper introduces new international scientific research achievements and mature technologies

in the face of the intensifying competition in the international paper industry and the general trend of economic globalization, Yuezhou paper group insists on taking technological progress as a strong driving force and strategic support for accelerating development, and implements the enterprise's sustainable development strategy by quickly catching up with and surpassing the world-class level. At the end of last year, The 120000 ton technological transformation project with low interest rate of national debt is an important part of this strategy

this cooperation with Metso Finland is to focus on a high starting point and a high level, and introduce the latest achievements and mature technologies of today's international paper machinery research, so that Yuezhou paper can quickly integrate with the world's first-class paper technology

Yuezhou Paper Group is one of the main pillar enterprises in China's paper industry. After more than 40 years of efforts, it has developed into a large state-owned first-class enterprise with a total asset value of 2.58 billion yuan and an annual output value of 1.8 billion yuan

in recent years, through deepening reform, Yuezhi group has paid close attention to internal management and external low-cost expansion, stripped off non sophisticated assets such as public welfare and production assistance, established a parent subsidiary company system and management mechanism that are compatible with the market, and independently established a powerful enterprise technology center and capital operation center. In 2000, Yueyang Paper Group merged the former Yueyang Timber Corporation and Yuanjiang paper mill in terms of cost performance, and these two enterprises quickly turned losses into profits. In 2001, they merged Lengshuitan paper mill, which expanded the scale of Yuezhou Paper Group and significantly enhanced the anti risk ability of the market. Last year, the group achieved an output of 200000 tons and a profit of 100million yuan

the next three to five years will coincide with the golden period of rapid development of China's paper industry. The domestic demand for paper and paperboard is increasing at a net rate of more than 3.5 million tons per year. The huge potential market demand provides a reliable guarantee for the 120000 ton project. After the implementation of the project, the annual sales revenue will increase by 1billion yuan, and the total profit and tax will be more than 250million yuan, which will drive the development of agriculture and forestry in Dongting Lake area, with good social and economic benefits

at present, Yuezhou Paper Group produces 5. Force measurement methods: load sensor force measurement; Yueyanglou brand series products have a total of 21 varieties and more than 90 specifications, mainly including light-weight coated paper, advanced improved color printing paper, offset books and periodicals paper, high-quality magazine paper, etc. the products sell well in 31 provinces and cities across the country, and are exported to East Asia, West Asia, North Africa and other regions. For example, the company's utilization of graphene in the fields of batteries, semiconductor chips and so on has 20 papermaking production lines and 6 pulping production lines, which can produce chemical reed pulp, ground wood pulp, chemical wood pulp, poplar chemical mechanical pulp, and has advantages in the proportion of pulp

Yuezhou Paper Group adheres to the strategy of sustainable development and strives to build its own raw material base. It has successively invested more than 10 million yuan to cooperate with surrounding counties and cities in afforestation, and has solved some paper-making materials. Yuezhi group took the lead in putting forward the idea of "based on the comprehensive management of Dongting Lake and expanding the development space of forest paper integrated management" in China, planning to build a 1.5 million mu papermaking forest base in the counties and cities along Dongting Lake. At present, the 600000 Mu forestry base project in the first phase of the project has been launched, which has promoted the development of agriculture and forestry in the lake area

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