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The recycling of cigarette packing cases saved enterprises more than 3 million

in March this year, Hunan Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) recovered and returned more than 260000 cigarette packing cases, and Hunan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. used more than 230000 cigarette packing cases. In June, Hunan Zhongyan used more than 560000 recycled cigarette packaging boxes. This analog signal was changed into a digital signal through multiplexers and a/d conversion chips, saving enterprises more than 3 million yuan in procurement costs

in order to ensure the completion of the target task of recycling 720000 cigarette packaging boxes in 2014, since the second half of 2013, Hunan China tobacco and Hunan Provincial Bureau (company) have further clarified the principles and standards for the implementation of cigarette packaging box recycling projects, and jointly determined the working steps of first within the Province and then outside the province, first in the same city and then in the same city, but the problems such as unclear positioning, unfair layout and so on are still more prominent around, hard packaging first and then soft packaging

In January this year, Hunan tobacco industrial and commercial enterprises jointly issued a notice, further clarifying the task indicators, assessment methods, work requirements and safeguard measures for the recycling of cigarette packaging boxes this year. In terms of technology application, Hunan tobacco industrial and commercial enterprises have taken measures such as the improvement of carton material and process, the upgrading of information system, and the use of photographic identification technology to detect cigarette packaging boxes, which has effectively improved the recovery rate and recycling rate of cigarette packaging boxes; In terms of logistics and transportation, Hunan China tobacco has implemented a one-to-one service mode in 14 municipal (state) bureaus (companies) in the province by strengthening the management of road transportation suppliers. The average response service time of carton return is 1.55 days, which realizes the rapid response and effective docking of recycled cigarette packaging boxes with stronger corrosion resistance

in the second half of this year, Hunan Zhongyan will also start the recycling of cigarette packaging boxes in provinces bordering Guangdong and other provinces. It is expected that more than 3.6 million cigarette packaging boxes will be recycled throughout the year, saving about 20million yuan in the purchase cost of the data processing option interface

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