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In summer, most spray gun manufacturing companies of Danish company claim that the condensation heat of air-conditioning refrigerators is directly discharged into the atmosphere, causing heat pollution to the surrounding environment and easy to form the urban heat island effect. In summer, after the tap water is heated to 35 ~ 40 ℃ by the condenser, it is sent to all users. If you need high-temperature hot water from the processing center in Shenzhen, China, which has the post-treatment of Tyvek, you can reheat it by the heater. Due to the preheating effect of the condenser, the energy consumption during the secondary heating will be reduced. In summer, the temperature of tap water in the south is about 20 ℃ and that in the north is about 15 ℃. Therefore, using tap water as the cooling water of the refrigerator can meet the requirements. The water consumption of a building depends on the nature of the building, the number of people, water appliances and other factors. The water consumption also changes seasonally and hourly every day. The change law of the consumption of hot water is basically the same as that of cold water. When using tap water as cooling water, its water volume should match the cooling load of the building and the cooling water volume of the refrigerator. However, the change law of cooling load and cooling water volume of various buildings is different from that of tap water consumption. The water consumption of the building itself is difficult to meet the requirements of cooling water volume. To make full use of condensation heat, we can only expand the users of hot water and increase the consumption of hot water. The only way out is to export hot water and provide hot water to other buildings without air conditioning. In order to make full use of the condensation heat and ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, when the supply of condensation heat and cooling water exceeds the demand, it is necessary to use the cooling tower to discharge part of the condensation heat into the atmosphere, or set a reservoir to store part of the hot water; When the supply exceeds the demand, the heat stored in the reservoir can be used to make customers feel more relieved to use the experimental machine water of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., or the auxiliary heating device can be used to heat and provide high-grade hot water. The methods and devices of heating tap water with a refrigerator include using a small capacity refrigerating unit, supplying hot water regularly, using a reservoir (such as a fire pool) for storage, and why? Next, the technicians of our company will share with you the reason why the tensile testing machine appears to slip and the operation process, such as using pipe circulating cooling. The following problems should be paid attention to when heating tap water with refrigerator: (1) when the tap water temperature is lower than 200C, it should not be directly used as the cooling water of absorption refrigerator, otherwise the lithium bromide solution is easy to crystallize. (2) Tap water may be polluted during circulation and heating. Therefore, when it is used as cooling water, it should not be used as drinking water, only as washing, bathing and other non drinking water. (3) The hardness of tap water is high. In order to prevent scaling, softening treatment should be carried out. Physical treatment method can be adopted, which is simple and safe. Never use chemical dosing method, which will pollute the water quality of tap water. (4) The application of automatic control technology and alternating frequency technology to regulate water pumps, valves and cooling fans can make the conversion of working conditions more convenient, the system operation more reliable and the energy-saving effect more remarkable

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