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The recovery of non bottle hard plastics in the United States tripled in six years

the recovery rate of non bottle hard plastics in the United States continued to rise rapidly, tripled in six years alone. 1. The tensile strength exceeded 1billion pounds for the first time

according to the latest survey data released by the plastics branch of the American Chemical Council, the recovery rate of hard plastics in the United States in 2012 increased by 10% compared with 2011, with a total recovery of 1.02 billion pounds

according to the American Chemical Council, such data is three times the amount of hard plastic recycled in 2007

non bottle hard plastic recycling projects include toys, washbasins, cups, lids, plastic boxes, plastic barrels, auto parts, plastic pipes and gardening products

Steve Alexander, executive director of the American waste plastic recycling association, said: this growth is simply amazing

Alexander said in a statement that the pace of product innovation has accelerated: in a relatively short time, hard plastics have become the fastest-growing category in the plastic recycling industry, and we are very optimistic about the recycling prospects of hard plastics

in recent years, the recycling of hard plastics has increased sharply, because it is easier for people to find a second life for these wastes

single stream recycling system is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and this integrated recycling system is equipped with larger garbage bins, which provides conditions for people to recycle more rigid plastic waste products

the increase of large garbage cans and the establishment of single stream recycling system provide convenience for consumers to recycle their waste after use. Steve Russell, vice president of the American Chemical Council plastic Ceramics Branch with high heat resistance and flame retardancy, said

according to the one-stop service for non bottle hard waste plastics provided to consumers in the United States in 2012, PP accounts for 38% of waste plastics recycling, while HDPE accounts for 34%

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